INSEAD IDN Q3 2021 Board Position Announcements

51 board appointments for INSEAD Directors Network members

25 October 2021

Members Board & Corporate Governance Positions Announcement – June to August 2021 (Q3)

INSEAD’s International Directors Network, IDN is proudly sharing the recent appointments for the quarter ended 31 August 2021 of board and corporate governance positions of our members, truly recognising our members and the strength of our IDN network.

IDN members have been appointed to 51 new board positions in 22 countries, summing up to 497 position announcements since 2017.

Warmest congratulations to Lale Saral Develioglu and Doris Albisser for receiving this year’s INSEAD IDN Outstanding Mandate Awards!  Lale received the For-Profit outstanding mandate for her appointment to the board of Anadolu Efes in December, 2020.  Doris received the Non-Profit outstanding mandate for her appointment as a member of the International Senate of SOS Children’s Villages in June 2020.

Who will be on the list for next year??  Please keep us appraised of your board appointments for our quarterly announcements to be in the running!  And also to share the successes of our IDN network.

As a member of IDN, the network of INSEAD international board directors, full membership is open to all INSEAD Alumni with appropriate directorship experience and is automatic for Certified Directors (IDP-C) from INSEAD’s International Directors Program (IDP)), you can be truly proud of your network!

You will find the IDN members with new board positions below.  Why don’t you help share our network’s achievements via Linkedin, as well as also position yourself and your membership of a vibrant network via this Linkedin post.

And take the time to connect with your fellow IDN members at LinkedIn and expand your board contacts by clicking their names below and connecting with them!

To date, IDP has been completed by 1,556 IDP and IDPB participants, with 1,221 certified IDP-C/ IDBP-C directors, and our International Board Network IDN of INSEAD Alumni of over 1,500 members.

IDN works closely with INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre, which undertakes cutting-edge research and teaching tailored to the needs of boards and international directors.  The Centre fosters a global dialogue on the challenges of corporate governance and leadership in an international context.

INSEAD Directors’ Network – Members New Board & Corporate Governance Positions

IDN members – Certified IDP-C Board Directors

Celine Abecassis-Moedas – May 2021 – Non-executive Director at Lectra (HQ France, Listed) and July 2021 – Non-executive Director at Greenvolt (Listed, HQ Portugal)
Noelle Ahlberg Kleiterp – June 2021- Board Member and Chair of Remuneration and Ethics Committees at Healthnet TPO (NGO, HQ The Netherlands)
Livia Aliberti Amidani – May 2021 – Non-executive Director at Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Private, HQ Italy) and Non-executive Director at Messaggerie Italiane (Private, HQ Italy)
Manuel Baldauff – June 2021 – Non-executive Director at Banque Raiffeisen (Private, HQ Luxembourg)
Trent Bartlett –  July 2021 – Chairman at Rocky Bay (Not for Profit, HQ Australia)
William Blomme – August 2021 – Non-executive board member at Welvaartfonds (Private, HQ Belgium) and July 2021 – Board member at Cornelis-Adriaenssens (Private, HQ Belgium)
Roberta Casali – July 2021 – Non Executive Director, Chair of Remuneration Committee, Member of Related-parties Committee at MOBY SpA (Private, HQ Italy)
Katia Ciesielska – August 2021– Independent Director  at Société d’Investissement Hôteliers Français SA (Private, HQ France) and Independent Director at Société de Management et Financement Hôtelier Français SAS (Private, HQ France)
Timothy Cosulich – July 2021 – Chairman at YPO Singapore (NGO, HQ Singapore)
Marie-Pierre Dhers – July 2021- Non-Executive Board Director at TwingTec AG (private, HQ Zurich, Switzerland)
Diego Diaz – June 2021 – President of the Supervisory Board, at Institut de Formation Ferroviaire (IFF), (Private, HQ Rabat, Morocco) and board member at SIANA (High speed train maintenance) (Private, HQ Tangiers Morocco)
Giulia Fitzpatrick – July 2021- Board Chair of Quintet Private Bank (Private, HQ Switzerland) AG
Ioannis Georgoulas – July 2021 – Non-executive Director at TFI Markets Ltd (Private, HQ Cyprus) and Chairman at ACEMPI (Association of Cyprus Electronic Money & Payments Institutions) (NGO, HQ Cyprus)
Jean-Marie Greindl – August 2021 – Non-executive Director at Opaline SA (Private, HQ Switzerland)
Fernand Grulms – April 2021 – Independent Director at Mizuho Trust and Banking (Private, HQ Luxembourg) S.A.
Jean-Christophe Kugler – October 2020 – Advisory Board Member at Ascendance Flight Technologies (Private, HQ Toulouse, France)
Colin Low – July 2021 – Independent Non- Executive Director & Chairman Remuneration Committee, Jason Marine Electronics Group (Listed, HQ Singapore)
Ana Maria Mihaescu – August 2021 – Non-executive Director at NEPI Rockcastle Plc (Listed, HQ Isle of Man)
Viviane Monges – July 2021 – Chair of the Supervisory Board of EUROAPI (Private, HQ Paris France)
Yves Poullet – June 2021 –  Independent Non-Executive Director at Helora Hospitals Network (Private, HQ Belgium)
Hagen Graf v. Schweinitz – July 2021 – Member of the Board of Directors at the Armenian Institute of Directors (NGO, HQ Armenia)
Thomas Seale – July 2021 – Chairman at Oddo-BHF Belgique (Private, Belgium) and Member of Board at Lumyna Marshall Wace SICAV (Private, Luxembourg)

IDN Members – Board Directors

Richard Alabaster – August 2021 – Non-Executive Board Director at eQuip-T, Inc. (Private, HQ USA)
Andrey Bogdanov – August 2021 – Co-chair at World Economic Forum New Champions South Africa Chapter Board (HQ South Africa)
Ian Brown –  June 2021 – Independent Non-executive Director at Biolidics Limited (Listed, Singapore)
Cedric Brusselmans – July 2021 – Non-Executive Director at Natagora (HQ Belgium)
Pavel Erochkine – July 2021 – Board Member and Chair for Strategic Alliances at Entrepreneurs Organisation, Portugal Chapter (Private, HQ Portugal) and Vice-Chairman at St. Julian’s School Parents’ Association (Private, HQ Portugal)
Raphael Felenbok – August 2021 – Board member at Space4Good B.V. (Private, HQ The Netherlands)
Carlos Fonseca – June 2020 – Lasell University Board of Directors member and Board of Trustees 2021 (Private, HQ USA)
Marta Gomez-Llorente – June 2021 – Board Director, Strategic Advisory Board Private at MYCP (Martin del Yerro Cirujanos Plásticos), (Private, HQ Spain)
Rob Goudswaard – August 2021 – Chair, Advisory Board at  Revolut Payments Australia (Private, HQ Australia)
Nils Granath – June 2021 – Board Director at Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories AG (Private, HQ Switzerland) and Board Director at Perspective Robotics (“Fotokite”) AG (Private,  HQ Switzerland)
Lisa Marie Kar Yee Djeng –  July 2021- Council Member at HKSAR Government Lord Wilson United World Colleges Scholarship Fund Council (Government, HQ Hong Kong), August 2020 – Appeal Board Member of the Appeal Board of Hong Kong Travel Industry Council – (NGO, Hong Kong)
Maria Charash Koundina – June-2021, Non-Executive Director and Chair of Audit Committee at Arrow Exploration (Listed, HQ Canada)
Martin McCourt – July 2021 – Board member and member of the Compensation Committee  at ComAp a.s (Private, HQ Prague, Czech Republic) and Chairman of the Compensation Committee at IDnow gmbH (Private, HQ Germany)
Valentin Mihov – June 2021 – Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Bulgarian Development Bank (Private, HQ Bulgaria)
Lucien Ong – June 2021 – President of INSEAD NAA Philippines (Private, HQ Philippines)
Carsten Pingel – June 2021 – Board member at Certainly (Private, HQ Denmark)
Tamara Singh – July 2021 – Board member and Treasurer at People Centered Internet (Charity, HQ USA)
Drew Watson – April 2021 – Board member at Holt-Smithson Foundation (HQ USA)

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