Volunteer Opportunity

Play a part in breaking the poverty cycle in South East Asia
[INSEAD Global Impact Network (INDEVOR) Alumni Club Singapore]

Many of the foreign domestic workers living in Singapore left behind their children and family in hopes of creating a better future. While their remittances provide much needed financial support to their families, most women return home with little to no savings at the end of their contracts.

Aidha – Sanskrit for ‘that to which we aspire’ – teaches financial literacy and confidence skills to these foreign domestic workers to break this cycle of poverty by encouraging women to save, invest and to start a business to plan for their futures. The results are far-reaching – monthly savings increase by nearly 80% amongst alumni and alumni double the number of productive assets they own. Since its start in 2006, Aidha has impacted over 36,000 women, family and community members in some of the poorest countries in Asia.

For its advance module on starting a business, aidha is seeking volunteers to assist in its annual business plan competition:

 – Judging students’ personal financial plan (finance background necessary): late August (done remotely)
 – Judging students’ business plans (business development/entpreneur background necessary): late August (done remotely)
 – Assisting students in their business plan pitch (in person): 16 and 23 Sept OR 14 and 21 Oct (late morning to afternoon, in person)

For more infomation on this volunteering opportunity, please email [email protected]
For more infomation on volunteering with aidha, please refer to aidha.org/get-involved/volunteer/