INDEVOR-GIN December 2023 Newsletter

INDEVOR-GIN December 2023 Newsletter 

Meet the New INDEVOR ExCo
Raising Alumni Awareness, Advocacy and Action to
Sustain People & Planet


In this newsletter we welcome INDEVOR Global Impact Network’s 2024-2026 executive committee, including Community Impact Challenge president Paolo Senes, who will officially liaise with CIC. And we recognize our growing NAA/Global Club network of sustainability reps. Together we create a vibrant alumni hub for furthering awareness, advocacy and action to work and live in ways that promote equity and sustainability for people and planet.

We also profile recent and upcoming events, including: “Dispatches from Dubai” alumni reports from COP28, current search for the next CIC president, INDEVOR’s 2024 AGM on January 19th, upcoming webinars, ChangeNOW conference in Paris March 25th and our Alumni Sustainable Business Summit May 30th.


1.    Welcome to our INDEVOR-GIN 2024-2026 Executive Committee & NAA/GC Network

A big thank you to INSEAD alumni who self-nominated to join INDEVOR Global Impact Network’s executive committee.  Our outgoing 2020-2023 ExCo voted unanimously this month to welcome all nominees!  We added five new voting members, up to our limit of nine, and an official volunteer, a category that allows committed individuals to help with a specific ExCo committee or initiative.  Come meet and ratify our leadership team at INDEVOR’s 2024 AGM on January 19th, 2024, 8 a.m. ET/2 p.m CET/9 p.m SING).  See agenda at point 3 below.  REGISTER HERE

The 2024-2026 INDEVOR-GIN Executive Committee will be:

Katie Smith Milway – President/Comms (MBA 93D, NAA US)
Ebru Carter – Secretary  (EMBA 2018, NAA Luxembourg)
Ashish Agarwal – Treasurer (MBA 06D, NAA Hong Kong)
Kiku Loomis – Learning/Webinars (MBA 93D, NAA US)
Joanne Schante – Student liaison  (MBA 13D, NAA France)
Hans Reus – Climate journey liaison  (MBA 90D, NAA Netherlands)
Paolo Senes, CIC president & liaison (MBA 01D, NAA Belgium)
Patricia Sennequier  NAA/GC Co-Liaison (MBA 04J – Senegal)
Jinna Li –NAA/GC Co-Liaison (MBA 19D NAA Netherlands)
Official Volunteer Christian Ledoux (MBA 93D, NAA France – NAA/GC liaison and annual summit support)


Our growing network of NAA and Global Club sustainability reps are bubbling up initiatives from their constituents that INDEVOR can promote and making their constituents aware of INDEVOR events and initiatives they can join.  We are grateful for the following network allies and look forward to expanding the network as GCs and NAAs contact our liaisons: Patricia Sennequier [email protected] and Jinna Li [email protected].  As of December 2023, INDEVOR is linked to the following GC/NAA Sustainability Reps and looking to grow the network:


2. Search for the next Community Impact Challenge president:

CIC is taking nominations for president when Paolo’s term ends after Q1 2024.  Interested in applying?  Click here for detailed information on the leadership role and its requirements. The application deadline is Sunday, January 28, 2024, 11pm PST. Interviews will be conducted in February 2024.


3. December 2023: Dispatches from Dubai

COP28 has delivered both promising pathways and some cognitive dissonance on the world’s way forward to decarbonize.   Read our frontline reports from alums Megan Pillsbury and Ram Chaitanya at INDEVOR-GIN’s LinkedIN Group  (and join the group if you haven’t).  Thanks to Kiku Loomis and Nicole Harari for curating and posting!  In addition INSEAD captured videos of alums in attendance.


4. January 2024: AGM 1 hour, January 19th

8 a.m. NY/ 2p.m. CET / 9 p.m. Singapore

Register here:

Please join us and meet INDEVOR 2024-2026 leadership and our growing network of sustainability reps.  The agenda will focus on two items:

  1. Meeting each other and ratifying our 2024-2026 global leadership team
  2. Ideating in breakout rooms elements of our annual Alumni Sustainability Summit, May 30th, Fontainbleau (hybrid ideas that create local nodes especially welcome).  We’ll send breakout room options once we see our numbers.


5. Q1 2024 Webinars

Save these dates for our next two webinars, registrations to come:

February 1, time TBD:  Launch of 2024 Community Impact Challenge, curated by CIC
April 10th, 9 a.m. ET:  Sustainability & ESG in the Boardroom, featuring Prof. Ludo Van der Heyden, curated by IDN
Check out videos of past webinars and events at our new INDEVOR YouTube channel.
If your NAA or GC has ideas for an INDEVOR-related webinar contact Kiku Loomis, [email protected]


6. March 2024: Change Now Summit & INSEAD Impact Entrepreneurship Forum

The Hoffman Global Institute for Business and Society and Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship are creating opportunities for students and alums at the 2024 ChangeNow Summit in Paris 25 March 2024.

For INSEAD students, the Hoffmann Institute will sponsor transportation and tickets to the ChangeNow Summit, and in parallel organize a career trek to Paris-based companies with a sustainability focus.  INDEVOR is collaborating with the Hoffmann Institute to organize an alumni-student networking event at ChangeNow.  If you work in sustainability, can offer a trek stop for students, or join the networking event  please contact [email protected] (HGIBS) and [email protected] (INDEVOR)

For alums working in sustainability: The INSEAD Impact Entrepreneurship Forum: Driving Systemic Change will be held March 25th from 4:00pm – 8:30pm, Blue Bubble, Grand Palais Ephemere, Paris, during the ChangeNow Summit.  It aims to foster connections and conversations on how impact entrepreneurship can drive systemic change for people and the planet.  To RSVP for the event, please complete a short form by DECEMBER 30, 2023:  Selected applicants can secure their seat in February 2024 with a 25€ registration fee.

In addition to the forum, note that there is a Global Call for applications to showcase INSEAD alum solutions at the ChangeNow Summit via an exhibitor booth.  Learn more HERE.


7. May 2024: Second Annual Alumni Business & Sustainability Summit

The agenda for this will be our focus at the January 19th AGM.  The plan is to host the summit at Fontainebleau campus on May 30th, in advance of INSEAD’s annual board and volunteers meetings, to limit one-off travel.  We aim to time it so we can offer hybrid participation from other campuses and become a demo for a high-quality hybrid alumni event. Lots of alumni experts have begun planning the agenda, which we’ll share for further ideation at INDEVOR AGM.   Register here


Kind regards,

INDEVOR Global Club ExCo:

Katie Smith Milway, President, NAA/GC Liaison

Carla Belitardo, VP & Communications
Ebru Carter, Secretary
Ashish Agarwal, Treasurer
Joanne Schante, Student Liaison
Arnaud Bertrand – CIC Liaison
Jai Karia
Philippe Dongier
Cintia Tavella, IAA Sustainability

Dispatches from Dubai – COP28

Dispatches from Dubai

COP28 is underway in Dubai. Got FOMO like me? Well don’t worry! INDEVOR has 2 special envoys to the summit who will be keeping us up to date on the goings on from their perspective. Megan Pillsbury, and Ram Chaitanya, will be sharing their learnings and observations straight from the conference right here. Stay tuned on this channel for their Dispatches from Dubai.

P.S.: Have you checked our new YouTube Channel?