Global INDEVOR – Annual Letter – May 2023

Dear INDEVOR members,

We look forward to seeing many of you at our virtual 2023 general meeting June 10th. If you haven’t yet, please register HERE.  And please read in advance our inaugural “Annual Letter,” with key information re:

  • Objectives 2023 – 2025
  • Initiatives & events (looking back and looking forward),
  • Finances
  • Membership
  • Organizational structure
  • Governance

We will vote on 3 critical items:

  1. Ratification of three Executive Committee members appointed by ExCo president to fill vacancies since the last general meeting in 2020.
  2. Expanding our objectives to include all things related to social and environmental impact, or “sustainability.”
  3. Expanding our membership to formally invite close collaborators like Community Impact Challenge’s INSEAD alumni members to join INDEVOR and INDEVOR members to join close collaborators, like CIC

Specific proposed amendments to the INDEVOR-GIN Charter

1.    Under Objectives: 

  • Amend bullet to add “and environmental” per: “to promote INSEAD’s social [and environmental] impact clubs, groups, events and initiatives
  • Add bullet: “to collaborate closely and jointly with alumni and school initiatives that advance INDEVOR’s purposes”
2.    Under Membership:
  • Add paragraph: We invite INSEAD NAAs and Global Clubs that wish to formalize collaboration with INDEVOR-GIC on issues of mutual interest to encourage their members to join INDEVOR mailing list through MyINSEAD sign up.

Kind regards,

Your INDEVOR Alumni Club Executive Committee,

Katie Smith Milway, MBA’93D. President

Carla Belitardo, MBA’07D. Vice-President / Communications
Ebru Carter, EMBA’18Dec. Secretary
Ashish Agarwal, MBA’06D. Treasurer
Arnaud Bertrand, EMBA’18Dec. CIC Liaison
Philippe Dongier, MBA’93D. NAA Liaison
Joanne Schanté, MBA’13D. Student Liaison
Jai Karia, EMBA’18Dec.
Cintia Tavella, MBA’07D.

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