Make an Impact! Eliminating Gender & Racial Bias in The World.

Make an Impact! Eliminating Gender & Racial Bias In The World.

Empowering Change Through Education.




Wednesday, 27th October, 9AM ET / 3PM CEST / 9PM SGT

Leslee Udwin is one of the most extraordinary people some of us have had the privilege of meeting and this is your chance to meet her too!

Join us for this global INSEAD Alumni event, co-created by INDEVOR (INSEAD Global Impact) ClubUSA INSEAD Alumni Association, INSEAD Women in Business Global Club and the ThinkEqual organization.

The making of the BBC documentary film India’s Daughter, based on the 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder of 23-year-old Jyoti Singh on a moving bus in Delhi, changed Leslee’s life dramatically. Making the documentary brought her face to face with Jyoti’s rapist-killers, the police, lawyers, members of the legislature and government, and the murdered rape victim’s her parents. Her experience of the ubiquitous and entrenched gender bias against women and girls shook her. The exposé was banned and never released in India and saw her unable to re-enter the country.

This month we’re bringing this exciting conversation and opportunity for the INSEAD Alumni community, to learn more about this global issue, get involved in a global movement to end discriminatory mindset and make an impact! Sign up for the event today and join the conversation! Come prepared for an interactive and eye opening session!  

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