Record. available! ESG x Governance: Materiality of Leadership


Our April 10th webinar, co-hosted by INSEAD IDN and INDEVOR, explored how ESG factors intertwine with corporate governance. Led by Dr. Pamela Ravasio, it featured INSEAD professor emeritus Ludo VAN DER HEYDEN, Singapore ESG expert Jessica Cheam, US expert Kiku Loomis, and board consultant Frederik Otto. They emphasized the urgent need for boards to embrace sustainability issues summed up in Otto’s CHANGE framework for boards (Climate, Human Rights, AI, Nature, Geopolitics and Equality) Discussions pointed out the challenges of imbuing (vs. siloing) these priorities and shifting boards’s focus from 20th C shareholder value creation to 21st C stakeholder value creation. The latter necessarily includes communities affected by a given business and calls for public-private collaboration to address externalities captured in CHANGE. Please find attached 4 relevant articles that have been hand picked by the speakers: