Food For Good

Providing affordable meals and supporting food-related charitable causes whilst helping businesses minimize food waste and recover salvage cost


According to the UN, the COVID-19 pandemic will unleash a food security crisis not seen since the Great Recession. Since February, global food prices have surged by an average of 4-7% and supply chain disruptions have put an enormous amount of pressure on production. Compounded with the economic impact of COVID-19 (unemployment, income loss, etc.), it is now more important than ever for us to be more socially responsible and reduce food waste.


Food for Good is an ecosystem that fights against food waste by providing a win-win solution for restaurants owners and customers, convenience stores, and local food related causes. Our app allows food businesses to sell food they overproduce at the end of the day with special discounts. Customers will be notified and are enticed to make these purchases. A percentage of the revenue will be spent back into the community by purchasing directly from food markets on any new expiry food products at deep discount and delivered to food shelters for those in need.


Daran Xiao (MBA’20D), Ke Xu Zhou (MBA’20D), Markus Hoess (MBA’20D), Nhu Hophan (MBA’20D)


Waste Management & Social Impact


Mentorship/connections from experts or business owners in waste management / food industry. Support and expertise in app development. Potential investors.