Improving gender balance in FTSE Leadership (November 2017). 

FTSE 350 companies are on a journey to build the representation of women on their boards to 33%. The FTSE 100 target set last year was to achieve 33% representation in their leadership teams and this target is now extended to FTSE 250 leadership teams.

The Hampton-Alexander Review (the Review) is an independent, business-led review supported by Government, which builds on the success of the Davies Review. In 2016 it set a series of Recommendations1 aimed at increasing the number of women in leadership positions of FTSE 350 companies. Targets The Recommendations called for action from all stakeholders and included a target of 33% women on FTSE 350 Boards and 33% women in FTSE 100 leadership teams by 2020. Leadership teams are comprised of members of the Executive Committee and those senior leaders who are Direct Reports to Executive Committee members. In extending the target of 33% women to include FTSE 250 leadership teams this year, the UK’s voluntary framework to improve women’s representation at the top is arguably the biggest and boldest of any other country.

The Review scope captures 23,000 leaders in 350 of Britain’s largest companies and extends down two leadership layers below the board. There is no doubt British business has been set a significant challenge. Despite overwhelming support for the direction of travel and an appetite to see faster progress, it is clear there is still much more to do.

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