Having made it to a senior level, making a total change of career might seem scary, mad even, but many are doing just that. One route is to move into teaching through Now Teach, but what makes people take the plunge and how does it compare with life before the jump?

Now Teach is the brainchild of former Financial Times journalist Lucy Kellaway (above) and social entrepreneur Katie Waldegrave. The programme aims to cut school recruitment problems by offering professionals a route into training as teachers. Like a reverse Teach First, the scheme offers experienced professionals who have built successful careers in other occupations, the opportunity to move into teaching. In September, Now Teach placed 46 trainees into challenging London secondary schools.

What makes someone want to give up a well-paid, high-status job to suffer the slings and arrows of being a teacher? And how have those on the programme fared during their first weeks in the classroom?

To find out, Tes spoke to three Now Teachers to discover what made them take the plunge, how it compares to their previous careers and what they’ve found most difficult about being a teacher.

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