Top leaders often acknowledge the importance of mentoring during their journey to top leadership roles.

Data from McKinsey & Company reveals a 17% decrease of women during their mid-careers. Companies are scrambling to reverse this trend as gender diversity produces more intelligent teams that are more likely to see increased innovation and above-average financial returns.

Watch this webinar to learn why mentoring is a key component in the effort to retain and advance women into leadership roles. Featured speaker Rosina Racioppi, President & CEO of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., will share insights into the current landscape of women in the workplace, and explore in-depth research into how to best equip women to make the most of mentoring. In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges facing women in the workplace
  • How mentoring can bridge the gap to gender parity
  • How to equip women to make the most of mentoring relationships to support leadership development and career advancement

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