It needs men to get committed to it!

As we pass another International Women’s Day it is true that gender parity and equal opportunities are getting more headlines, but, according to this article in the Seattle Times, we cannot reach parity without male engagement, as evidenced by the little progress women have made in the workplace over the last few decades.

Yes, men need to mentor women, but they also need to ‘sponsor’ them and they are not the same thing. Men need to do both. Women are as likely, in many cases, to have a mentor but far less likely to have a sponsor, someone who makes sure they are put forward for top roles and that their voice is heard.

One of the companies leading the way, according to this article, is Morgan Stanley. If you want to hear more about Morgan Stanley’s approach and learn about sponsorship then you need to attend our Career Transition and Transformation Event on 20th March 2018.