INSEAD Wins Two Category Awards in the Case Centre Awards 2017

INSEAD, the business school for the world, today announced that it has received two category awards in the Case Centre Awards 2017. In its 27th year, the annual awards celebrate excellence in case writing and teaching at business schools worldwide.

INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences Horacio Falcão’s case ‘Oxipouco: An Endangered Species Resource Negotiation (A) & (B)’, emerged as the winning case in the Human Resource Management/ Organisational Behaviour category. The two-party negotiation case is framed as an ideal introductory negotiation role-play to raise issues of assumptions, win-win/win-lose, competition/collaboration, interests/positions, single-/multi-issue, positions/options.

I feel blessed to have my case study recognised through this award. We are encouraged to develop more cases when you know that it will have an impact and will benefit so many people. This is why, I believe, most people write cases in order to create a positive learning impact on as many audiences as possible”, said Professor Falcão.

David DuboisINSEAD Assistant Professor of Marketing, won the Marketing category award for his case ‘Ombre, Tie-dye, Splat Hair: Trends or Fads? ‘Pull’ and ‘Push’ Social Media Strategies at L’Oréal Paris’, co-authored with Katrina Bens. The case highlights the innovative social media strategy implemented by L’Oréal Paris to “listen” to consumers to gather unique insights, developing a product to meet consumer needs, and marketing it through social media channels.

Winning this award means a lot to me and my co-authors – even more so as it was the first marketing case we ever wrote,” said Professor Dubois. “Receiving this accolade comes as a confirmation of the impetus that got us started in the first place: digital and social media strategy is much more than a fad, and there are systematic ways marketing executives can think about using and leveraging online channels to create growth.”

Timothy Van Zandt, Dean of Faculty and Research, who congratulated the winning faculty members, commented: “I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the entire Faculty and Research team who have dedicated their time to develop remarkable cases every year to promote the school’s thought-leadership. This is also a good reflection of the strong trust and collaboration we have with businesses and organisations around the world. It highlights INSEAD’s commitment to develop responsible and thoughtful leaders and to expand the frontiers of knowledge through teaching and research.”

INSEAD has consistently performed well in the Case Centre Awards and has received a total of 14 Overall Case Awards and more than 60 category awards since the awards inception in 1991. This remains an accomplishment unsurpassed by any other educational institutions around the world.

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• Oxipouco – An Endangered Species Resource Negotiation (A): SuperPharma & Oxipouco – An Endangered Species Resource Negotiation (B): PharmaCaring – Horacio Falcão, Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences – INSEAD

• Ombre, Tie-Dye, Splat Hair: Trends or Fads? “Pull” and “Push” Social Media Strategies at L’Oréal Paris – David Dubois, Assistant Professor of Marketing, and Katrina Bens – INSEAD

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