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Annual Reviews
Discover this collection of review articles at a special display on the ground floor of the Doriot Library from 24-28 February.
Two new journals published in 2014 by Annual Reviews:

Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application. Volume 1 published in January with complimentary online access during the journal’s first year (until January 2015).
Learn more here:

Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior. Volume 1 publishes in March with complimentary online access during the journal’s first year (until March 2015).
Learn more here:

Usage statistics this year will determine if the Library takes on a permanent subscription to these 2 new journals.

Please note that within the Annual Reviews collection, the Doriot Library is already a longstanding subscriber to

Annual Review of Sociology
Annual Review of Psychology

Annual Reviews journals have Impact Factors ranking among the highest of publications assessed and indexed in Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

INSEAD faculty regularly contribute to Annual Review journals. Here is the most recently published article:

Patrik Aspers, Fréderic Godart
Sociology of fashion: order and change
Annual Review of Sociology, vol. 39, 2013