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Human flow / Ai Weiwei – 2018
Languages: English Subtitles: French
DVD (446)

Ai’s new film, Human Flow, while certainly epic in scope, is not exactly meant as entertainment. This is an urgent, deep soak in the current refugee crisis. There has been no dearth of documentaries about this topic, but this one comes closest to understanding the totality of the issue.
This documentary by the Chinese conceptual artist offers no easy answers, revealing instead a deeply affecting empathy for those caught up in a global crisis.

Modern times – Les temps modernes / Charlie Chaplin – 2017
Languages: English Subtitles: French
DVD ( 444)

Anyone accusing Charlie Chaplin of being an overrated sentimentalist faces an immediate obstacle in Modern Times, his blissful, subversive and wickedly ingenious 1936 comedy about the mechanical age. It contains some of his most sustained and brilliant physical routines, wedded to a truly thoughtful take on automation and its dehumanising perils.

New restauration.

Ex machina – 2015
Language : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Turkish Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish
DVD (445)

What is “Ex machina” other than one of the most interesting, beautifully made science fictions films created in years. “Ex machina” follows up with every promise it makes; gripping, future psycho-techno-thriller-drama. It takes every film that tries to understand AI and waves two fingers at them because this is the real deal.