After seven intense weeks in Singapore, 20 of us flew to Dubai to attend an exceptional networking event hosted by INSEAD. But no trip to Dubai is complete without Quad biking. Little did I know that numerous instances were befittingly reminiscent of my INSEAD experience so far.

  1. Time Flows Like Mud

INSEAD has correctly labelled orientation week as Launch Week; you are aboard the flight of your life with incredible velocity. I am stunned 1/6th of the curriculum is already over!

  1. These Tyres Don’t Need Trails

Yes, there are pre-existing trails, but you have every right and resource to carve your own. The INSEAD experience is full of choice and trade-offs. The best route to take is your own.

  1. Soft Landings

Yep, never have I ever enjoyed failing more. INSEAD is a bubble where exceptional people come to experiment and endeavor. At INSEAD failures today are cherished and giggled at for better tomorrows.

  1. Chaos and Tranquility

The wandering nature is core to the MBA experience. Almost every day I hear a narrative from my batchmate of his or her prior work experience that has me intrigued and confused. I have allowed myself to transition these states of chaos to achieve eventual tranquility.

INSEAD has been my off-roading experience.

Till next time,