Dear alumni,

Last week, the IAA President Frans Blom sent a message about how the International Alumni Association, in cooperation with other NAAs and alumni, is supporting our alumni in the Ukraine. One of the key activities is to find housing possibilities. So far quite a number of alumni have offered to be a host.

Given that we expect demand to significantly increase in the upcoming days we need your urgent help. 

  1. If you wish to volunteer as a host, please fill out this form: the host form
  2. If you know of any alumni in need please reach out via this form (given that we will not have unlimited resources, please keep it within the INSEAD family)  the guest form
  3. We need one volunteer to join the coordination team, who can help coordination this effort in the Netherlands. If you are interested, please let Odette or myself know

Thank you so much for all the support, we can have a tangible positive impact for our fellow Ukrainian alumni and their families.

On behalf of the IAA,

Sven Cobben

Random Dinners 2 March 2022

‘Thank you all for coming over yesterday evening and making the random diner such a great success. I was pleased to be your host for the evening and enjoyed the evening myself as well. I’m happy to see how our collective effort made this social experiment a great success. It’s amazing to see that the INSEAD magic still works: put together 7 people that don’t know each other and from the very start there are lively discussions and interesting interactions. And with a minimum of coordination, we ended up with a rich supply of antipasti, great red and white wine, and a special Indonesian homemade desert. It was also good to notice that and the end of the evening the dinner table was emptied and my dishwasher was full.’

Willem Koelewijn MBA’89D