Strategy Forum Felix Meritis, 27 June 2023

On June 27th, we had our Strategy Forum with the theme “Is it really all Doom and Gloom? Navigating uncertainty towards a new society.” In one of our sessions, we had a masterclass with INSEAD professor Nathan Furr and entrepreneur Susannah Harmon Furr.

We put on our Virtual Reality headsets, and went to Blue Hill Farms in the US. We explored how organizations can use innovation to reimagine a system and lead a sustainable future.

Thank you to all our great speakers! Eric Rondolat, Joe Zammit-Lucia, Niels Kastelein, Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Cristina Prat, Jop Weterings, Jan Derck van Karnebeek, Bart Leurs, Tom Voskes, Vincent Tuk, Florentine Fockema, Ruben Koekoek, Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen, Ymke Fokma, Jan Kimpen, Rob Baatenburg de Jong, Martine de Bruijne.