Blockchain and Smart Contracts event, 26 January 2023

Are cryptocurrencies hype, or do they have a place in the financial system of the future? Is it possible to build a decentralised organisation governed by an algorithm? Can blockchain replace notaries?

These and many other questions were raised and debated on 26 January 2023 at the Blockchain and Smart Contracts event in Amsterdam. Olivier Rikken (Smart Contract, DAO & Governance Expert, Founder at Emerging Horizons) opened the evening with a presentation about the basics and use cases of blockchain technologies. He was then joined by Joost Volker (Blockchain Technology Strategist, former EMEA Blockchain Domain Leader at Oracle) in the panel discussion moderated by Igor Curic (COO at Inovexus), where the experts unpacked some of the misconceptions surrounding blockchain and answered the questions from the audience.

Time was too short to cover all aspects of this topic, but more than 50 alumni who attended the event that evening, left with new knowledge and food for thought.