Events / Health Care & Life Sciences ‘Building a business in e-Health’

Health Care & Life Sciences ‘Building a business in e-Health’

September 23, 2020
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Pieter-Joep Huige of Umenz (YMP’91) and Oscar van Dijk (MBA’99J) of Medicine Men:

Building a business in e-Health

Two cases of making progress and facing headwinds whilst building an e-Health business in the Dutch care market

Special Interest Group Health Care & Life Sciences

Wednesday September 23rd 2020

Umenz office in Hilversum, 18.30 – 21.00 hrs

E-health has been one of the areas of focus of the Dutch ministry of health since 2013. COVID19 accelerated the acceptance digital healthcare rapidly. Patients and healthcare professionals alike are positive towards the potential benefits that e-health applications can bring them. Despite this stimulating environment, small companies encounter difficulties in finding a business model that fits into the current Dutch care market.

Pieter-Joep Huige MD, PharmD built on many years of experience in various roles with Eli Lilly including Managing Director of the Netherlands office and Director roles in the European Operations, when he founded his own company Umenz. Goal is to uniquely offer a platform in which patient and caregivers can safely monitor and improve disease management.

Oscar van Dijk MSc, MBA, an engineer with a strong affinity for IT, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He has started businesses in various fields like online recipes and online DVD rental similar to Netflix model. Currently he puts his energy into the EMMA self-management platforms that his company Medicine Men develops to control chronic conditions like COPD and hypertension.


18.30 Welcome @ Umenz with a personalized paper bag filled with sandwiches / fruit / soft drink
19.00 Start & welcome by SIG Thomas Calis
19.10 Presentation Pieter-Joep Huige & Oscar van Dijk
20.10 Discussion
21.00 End
Due to COVID19 we will not serve drinks


The number of attendees is -due to the 1,5 meters COVID19 distance- reduced to 25. The location will be ventilated during the presentation. The presentation language will be English.

Hand wash facilities and disinfectant will be available. Participants will be asked to adhere to the COVID19 RIVM guidelines. In case of any symptoms we expect you to not show up. By registering for this event you accept explicitly that INSEAD and its volunteers can never be held liable for any consequence related to attendance of this event.


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