Events / Kasper Zwetsloot (felyx) and Taco Rijssemus (idtv), June 23, 2020

Kasper Zwetsloot (felyx) and Taco Rijssemus (idtv), June 23, 2020

June 23, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Invitation: Kasper Zwetsloot (felyx) and Taco Rijssemus (idtv) at online INSEAD alumni event

COVID-19: how did business leaders respond when their industry changed overnight?

Over the last few months all of us, governments, businesses and individuals faced a very different world than the one we were expecting, as COVID-19 swept the globe. In this webinar we learn from business leaders who saw their business change overnight and had to respond on the fly. What was their approach? What worked and what went wrong? And what changes do they think will be permanent in the “new normal”?

In this series we look into these challenges from the perspective of a scale-up and a more established company, and so we are very happy that Taco Rijssemus, the CEO of idtv and Kasper Zwetsloot, COO of felyx will be sharing their insights with us.

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Kasper Zwetsloot (MBA’14D) is the COO of fast growing company felyx: offering shared electric scooters as a new urban mobility concept, by many quoted as one of Europe hottest start-ups. With a background at Accenture, he recently expanded felyx to Groningen, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis.

Taco Rijssemus (COL’19Dec) is the CEO of idtv, the company behind many successful television shows like Wie is de Mol? and de Rijdende Rechter. He has a track record of different leadership positions at both public and commercial broadcasters (SBS). The media sector got hit hard by the ‘Corona crisis’ and Taco will tell us what happened behind the screens to overcome the challenges of reduced advertising and the 1.5m restrictions.