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Strategy Forum 2024

June 20, 2024
3:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Dare to Lead
Shaping the Ecosystems of the Future

Thursday, June 20 from 15.00h – 21.30h

Wicked Grounds Amsterdam

As the world contends with complex challenges like shifting power dynamics, election stresses, and escalating climate change, the need for collaborative and interconnected ecosystems across key sectors —aviation, finance, food and agriculture, healthcare, and sustainability—is clear. No single industry can tackle these issues alone, highlighting the necessity for cooperation and alignment.

By understanding and actively participating in the design of these ecosystems, industries can leverage each other’s strengths to innovate and adapt. Through unified efforts, industries can generate powerful momentum for transformative change.

Reflecting on this interconnectedness begs the question: How can your industry actively participate and innovate within these ecosystems to address today’s global challenges? Dare to lead in shaping our collective future.

Join us at this year’s Strategy Forum – Dare to Lead, as we explore the forefront of corporate innovation, navigating through the evolving landscape that define our times.

Strategy Forum is the flagship annual event of the INSEAD Alumni Association the Netherlands that brings together high-profile speakers from business, politics, and academia, as well as alumni based in the Netherlands. This year, as business leaders and members of the Dutch community, we’re coming together to explore ways to use our collective strengths to create a brighter future.

Mark your calendars for an engaging and thought-provoking event on June 20, at Wicked Grounds in Amsterdam.

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15.00    Doors open
15.30    Keynote addresses
16.45    Breakout sessions
18.15    Grand finale
20.00    Walking Dinner
21.30    Closing

Generaal Vetterstraat 55


Jaap Winter, Chair of the Supervisory Board at Royal Schiphol Group and Erasmus University Rotterdam, Visiting Professor of Corporate Governance at INSEAD, and Professor of Corporate Law, Governance and Behaviour at VU Amsterdam

In his keynote, Jaap will address the environmental challenges in aviation, focusing on emissions and the push for sustainability in a growth-driven, regulated sector. He will explore solutions like sustainable fuels, technological advancements, and regulatory shifts. Jaap will also discuss accelerating these changes through better governance of the aviation ecosystem.

Annet Aris, Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board at ASML, Member of the Supervisory Board at Randstad and Jungheinrich AG, Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy and Academic Director of Corporate Governance Centre at INSEAD

In her keynote, Annet will explore the ongoing digital transformation in global banking, questioning whether it represents evolution or revolution. She will discuss the main drivers of digital disruption and their impact on creating diverse banking ecosystems worldwide.


Breakout organised by: Board Companions
Transitioning Fonds Gehandicaptensport from a generic promotion agency to an accountable service entity, reflecting its growth and adaptation to a shifting ecosystem. Perceiving its transition from the perspective of impact, stakeholder management, and change management.

Nike Boor, CEO at Fonds Gehandicaptensport
Arjo Wijnhorst, Founder Uniek Sporten
Cor Dubois, Founder and President at BoardCompanions the Netherlands
Jeanine Lemstra, Board member at BoardCompanions the Netherlands
Theo Clement, BoardCompanion for Fonds Gehandicaptensport

Breakout organised by: Food & Agro Club
Together, we’re shaping the future of food, diving into Rabobank’s AgroFood Vision 2040, tackling today’s challenges, and exploring the next 20 years of evolution in the food and agriculture ecosystem.

Roger van Hoesel, Co-founder at Ecosystem Navigators
Chris Karman, Co-founder at Ecosystem Navigators
Martine Boon, Director of Food & Agri Transitions and Sector Management at Rabobank
Moderator: Alex Petrov, Managing Partner at Signet Ingrediens, Chair of the NAA NL Food & Agro Club

Breakout organised by: Healthcare & Life Sciences Club
Redefining healthcare ecosystems with INREDA DIABETIC & NEOM case studies, transforming diabetes care and designing a new healthcare framework.

Robin Koops, Founder & CEO at INREDA Diabetic
Jan-Luuk de Groot, Quarter Master NEOM
Moderator: Thomas Calis, Managing Director at Eurocept Pharmaceuticals, Chair of the NAA NL Healthcare & Life Sciences Club
Moderator: Niki Papadopoulos, Manager Surgery at Leiden UMC and Chair of the Board Lean Six Sigma The Netherlands, Member of the NAA NL Healthcare & Life Sciences Club

Breakout organised by: Sustainability Club
Debating sustainability dilemmas: board member vs. challenger” – a session addressing key sustainability challenges within corporate ecosystems. Panellists share their companies’ sustainability journeys, followed by audience-driven debates.

Annet Aris, Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board at ASML, Member of the Supervisory Board at Randstad and Jungheinrich AG, Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy and Academic Director of Corporate Governance Centre at INSEAD
Bram Bulter, Managing Associate, Advocaat at Linklaters LLP | Banking, Energy and Infrastructure
Moderator: Hans Reus, Partner at Russell Reynolds Associates, Chair of the NAA NL Sustainability Club

Led by Associate Dean Nida Januskis, the session includes updates on the school’s strategy, alumni engagement, and educational programs, followed by audience Q&A.

Led by Nida Januskis, the grand finale offers a series of challenges to test your thinking and learning. Listen closely throughout the forum —there could be a reward in it for you.