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Sustainability in the Dutch election manifestos

March 8, 2021
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The NAA Eventcie and Sustainability Club have joined forces to organise two special events for you with the upcoming Dutch national elections in mind! Both events will be held in English.

The first, on the 25th of February will focus on the Dutch political system itself. Yes, there’s an election coming, but does the Dutch governing system still have the legitimacy to exercise power in a globalising world? And how legitimate is the power wielded by unelected bodies such as the judiciary or central banks? To help shed light on these questions, Prof. Dr. Ruud Koole, professor emeritus at Leiden University and senator for the Labor Party (PvdA) will join us. More details below.

The Sustainability Club will host a second election related event on the 8th of March, focused on how sustainability is addressed in the election manifestos of the different political parties. To help you make a sustainable choice in the upcoming election Annemieke Nijhof, CEO of Deltares and director of Springtij Forum will be interviewed by Hanneke Dingen and Cristina Prat Taranilla. Also for this event you will find more details below.

We hope to see you at one of these and hopefully at both of these events!

Event 2
Sustainability in the Dutch election manifestos – March 8, 2021, 20.00h – 21.15h
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In the election special, the sustainability club (Hanneke Dingen MBA’90D and Cristina Prat Taranilla MBA’19D) will  interview Annemieke Nijhof. Annemieke is the CEO of Deltares and director of Springtij Forum. Springtij is a yearly Sustainability Forum at Terschelling where scientists, political figures, business people and philosophers meet to discuss sustainability matters. This year, 500 participants composed a manifesto. Deltares, located in Delft and Utrecht with over 800 employees, is a world leading research institution on all things water and soil and as such on the cutting edge of climate adaptation strategies.

Annemieke Nijhof (1966) has a distinguished career in both the private and public sector. She started her career at Tauw, an engineering firm, where she was head of Water and Spatial Development. She switched to the public sector from 1998 to 2011, where she ended as Director-General Water at the Ministry of Verkeer en Waterstaat (Traffic and Water). She was one of the founders of the Deltaprogramme, the Governing Agreement for Water and the Topsector Water. She went back to Tauw in 2012, this time as the company’s CEO. Since October 2020, she is CEO of Deltares.

In the webinar we explore with Annemieke how sustainability is (or is not) on the agenda of the Dutch political parties. We will discuss not only what the important topics are, but also shine a light on how these topics are approached in the several parties manifestos for 2021-2025.

This webinar suits both interested Dutch and non-Dutch voters and is held in English. It clarifies different standpoints and supports your thinking in making a sustainable choice in the elections. As part of the webinar, we will break up in small groups to discuss key topics. For this webinar, some people of the Springtij Forum are invited and will be randomly spread in the break-out rooms to promote a lively discussion.

Key topics:
-General trends in Dutch party programs and sustainability thinking and learnings from the past
-Hot sustainability topics in (post-) Covid times and what is on the agenda of different parties
-Perspectives on how parties view the role and responsibility of business on sustainability matters
-How to vote sustainably? And what can you start/stop do yourself?