CIC – Sustainable Food Habits Challenge 15 Oct – 12 Dec 2020

Dear INSEAD Friends,

As you might know the Community Impact Challenge (CIC) launched their first campaign in plastics last year. It was very successful, but we also learned a lot and have made improvements to make this next challenge even a bigger success. This time we focus on sustainable food habits.

In our eyes, your awareness and action are already a success for this campaign. What we do on an individual level, might seem like a drop in the ocean, but together we have the potential to create a powerful trickle-down effect. Changes, not only for us but, for our next generations.

Earlier this week, we heard Ronan Harrington speak about how we have 12 years left to take radical action. Be that drop of change and join us in the sustainable food habits challenge.

You can choose from three actions:
1) Consume less meat
2) Reduce food waste
3) Buy locally and seasonally

Watch this interesting webinar for more information.

The challenge starts on 15th October and ends on 12th December. For more details click here.

Best wishes,

Dianne Baunbaek
Sven Cobben (President NAA-NL)
Raymond van Eck (Vice- President NAA-NL)