Groups and sectors bring together alumni who share a common interest in various industries and activities. Our sector heads and their committees organise events that will contribute to your knowledge and professional development.

NAA-NL Clubs and contacts

Energy Club

The Energy Club holds two events per year, with a broad focus on the transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy mix, covering local and global issues, including all of the political, investment, technology and market volatility issues that characterize this industry.

Energy Board

Max ter Horst
(MBA 04D)

Matthijs Slee

Kirill Kalinkin

Douwe Renkema


Health Care & Life Sciences – EHLP Club
It is our goal provide a platform for discussion and networking for INSEAD alumni from the various INSEAD programmes -(E)MBA/EDP/EHLP/Company Specific Programmes- that are already active or have an interested in health care and/or life sciences. In particular, we aim to foster interaction across different sub sectors of the healthcare industry, such as farma, biotech, medical devices, healthcare services, finance and consulting. In doing so, we work closely with the IAA The Netherlands, healthcare alumni groups in other countries and the Healthcare Management Initiative/INSEAD Life Sciences Network (HMI/ILSN) in Fontainebleau.

We will realise our goal by working along three lines:

1) Social network: The HC/LS-SIG will organise events with key local health care/life sciences companies or institutions. The HC/LS-SIG will network with Insead faculty and though the ILSN with other alumni organisations

2) Knowledge network: The HC/LS-SIG will build an overview of Insead Alumni active in the Dutch Health Care/Life Sciences market.Each event will address a healthcare/life sciences topic in more depth

3) Service network: The HC/LS-SIG can be used to find suitable candidates or positions in the Health Care/Life Sciences market.The HC/LS-SIG can be used to discuss business opportunities in the Heath Care.Life Sciences market


Health Care & Life Sciences Board

Thomas Calis

Niki Papadopoulos

Cynthia de Leeuw – Go

Private Equity Club

The Insead Private Equity Club is a community formed of alumni that are living in The Netherlands and active in the private equity industry. Each year several events are organized that bring together the members of the club. Typically, these events involve external high-profile speakers on particular topics of interest for private equity professionals.

Examples of past gatherings include presentations by a renowned placement agent on raising money and a pension fund manager on the future of private equity from an investor perspective. Some of these events are open as well to the broader Dutch Insead alumni community.

The main objective of the club is to create an environment that encourages a free flow of ideas and ample networking opportunities within the Dutch private equity community. Especially today, as the private equity industry is grappling to come to terms with the new realities of a credit-crunched world, comparing notes and staying in touch is both interesting and useful for most alumni. Besides, as with most other Insead events, it is also just good fun to catch up with former classmates and other alumni over a drink.


Private Equity Board

Vincent Luning

Marnix van der Feltz
(MBA’09D)Joost Heeremans

Thijs Emondts

Salamander Investments Netherlands (SIN) is the society of INSEAD alumni that directly and indirectly provides INSEAD related entrepreneurial ventures access to financing and expertise.SIN has three main objectives

  • To connect INSEAD alumni with an interest in entrepreneurship
  • To act as a ‘vertical’ through which alumni of different promotions can get acquainted and share expertise and investment opportunities
  • To promote entrepreneurship amongst the ranks of INSEAD alumni

SIN actively evaluates investment proposals. SIN either takes direct equity stakes in selected investments or helps setting up contacts with formal and informal investors. Also, SIN organizes events where its members study investments as a business case, where possible new participations are jointly evaluated, and where there is ample opportunity to socialize. SIN currently has eighty members and has five participations in its portfolio. A considerable number of SIN members are also professionally active in the investment community at companies like Nimbus, Kempen & Co., Trimoteur, Pinguin Ventures, Parcom Ventures, NPM Capital, MedSciences Capital, and HAL Investments.

SIN Salamander Investment Club

This area of the site will give updates concerning the SIN Salamander Investment Club. For further information concerning this club please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members.

 SIN Board

Peter-Paul de Leeuw

Ward Masclee

Jogchum Alberda


Sustainability Club

The aim of the Sustainability Club is to foster strategic dialogue; to explore what it means to have people and organizations focused on a longer-term view, with a mind-set that takes into account both immediate goals and the long-term interests of organizations, society and the environment.Through a series of events each year, the Sustainability Club will explore and seek practical and innovative examples of how organizations establish and achieve sustainability objectives. Organizations that see sustainability as an opportunity, rather than a constraint or mitigation.If you are interested in helping organize events, please contact our Sustainability Board members.

Sustainability Board

Hans Reus

Tim Bett

Hanneke Dingen

Cristina Prat

Marjolein Klaver

Women’s Club

The INSEAD Women in Business and Society Network NL organizes events for female and male INSEAD alumni. We aim to inspire, strengthen and connect the unique and talented female network of INSEAD alumni based in the Netherlands to allow them to realise their aspirations and reach their full potential at work and in society.

We organize a range of events, on average 3-4 per year. Previous events included inspiring and innovative speakers such as Astrid Hackenberg (Microsoft), Corinne Vigreux (Co-Founder TomTom), Janneke Niessen (serial entrepreneur), Birgit van Kalleveen (Egon Zehnder) and Machtelt Groothuis (Co-Founder Social Impact Ventures NL). Themes ranged from artificial intelligence, social impact investing to negotiation skills. We have several partnerships, for instance with the Women’s Networks of other Business Schools in the Netherlands, like Ivy Circle/Group and IMD. We also host dinner events.

The INSEAD Women in Business and Society Network started beginning 2017 and our network have attracted a wonderful and diverse community of alumnae with different career backgrounds and nationalities representing all types of INSEAD programs and a wide range of graduation years.

We look forward to many more energizing and inspiring events together. If you have an idea, speaker or location for an event, feel free to reach out to us!

Chantal Stoffelsma & Kirsten Spahr van der Hoek

Women’s Club Board

Kirsten Spahr van der Hoek

Chantal Stoffelsma

Entrepreneurship Club
The INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club (IEC) aspires to be a Safe and Valuable Platform for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Minded INSEAD Alumni to Share, Inspire and Collaborate.
So we welcome alumni from a broad range of professional backgrounds with a shared focus on creating new solutions and new businesses. Although we only started a few years ago we actually have created a substantial Dutch community. And we will tighten the bonds with comparable communities in neighboring countries.
All our activities are to give substance to our aspiration:
We support the sharing of entrepreneurial knowledge and insights around key working methodologies, challenges, market trends and networks. For example we have organized workshops around: Lean Start-Up, Technology savvy & talk, Financing.
We want to excite the entrepreneurial minds with pitches, presentations and talks. We offer young ventures the opportunity to present themselves in pitch events to gain feedback, to possibly find help and advise of experts and to access our fellow SIN investor network.  We organize presentations of successful (or less successful) entrepreneurs with a story to tell.
We want to explore various ways to bring together alumni to help each other and to start working towards common goals. All in the true INSEAD spirit. It is always amazing to observe that a 1-minute encounter at one of our IEC events can mean a true difference to an idea or business.
We organize various events (not limited to):
-Breakfast meetings (monthly informal gatherings)
-Workshops & Presentations
-Pitch events
However we are only there for you: the entrepreneurial minded people who want to make a difference. So we always welcome your input as to become better in serving our community. Please liaise with the IEC board members.

IEC Board

Joris Pouw

John Staunton

Bastiaan De Wit


TMT Club 

Our top priority is creating the local network and getting engagement with the local INSEAD TMT communities and like-minded people through quality events, word-of-mouth and collaborative communication, and professional networking. INSEAD TMT NL is expected to organise 2-3 meetings per year.

TMT Board

Maarten van Essen

Jeroen Zaalberg

Ronny Roeller

Food & Agro club

INSEAD Food & Agro club was established in 2023 by INSEAD alumni active in the food & agro space in the Netherlands. The key theme of the club is “how we are going to feed growing population in a sustainable way”.

The Food & Agro club aims to be a forum of discussion for food & agro related topics as well as a networking platform for the INSEAD community involved in the agriculture and food processing industries. In addition, the Food & Agro club:
– strives to support student and alumni entrepreneurs in the Food & Agro sectors, including AgTech and FoodTech;
-promotes wider awareness of the issues faced by the agriculture and food processing industries, their political, social & environmental impact, incl. that of climate change (a balanced debate on food & agro companies development / constraints);
-aims to leverage its alumni network and corporate relationships to provide ongoing career services to the INSEAD community.

Food & Agro Board

Alexander Petrov

Rutger Groot

Marco de Jager

Contact sector heads via the Office-Odette Hooft Graafland