Highlights of Private Equity 2018

On Tuesday February 12th IPEC organized the Highlights of Dutch Private Equity 2018. Allen & Overy kindly hosted the event and we were pleased with the large audience.
Two successful deals, which were exited in 2018, were presented. First, Ivo Lurvink from CVC, presented the story behind CVC’s investment in Stage Entertainment a deal they did alongside Joop van der Ende. We learned a lot on how to deal with an ambitious entrepreneur and how to create value in the entertainment industry.
Second, Gerritjan Eggenkamp from Avedon, presented the ins and outs of Avedon’s investment in vanRiet and especially we now all know the importance of the shoe sorter!
The evening had a good mix with companies operating in completely different industries and being of a different scale. We have already started brainstorming for a next event and hope to all see you there (again).