INSEAD Alumni Fund The Netherlands

The IAF is represented in The Netherlands by a team of volunteers including two Co-Presidents (Manish Kumar Singh and Chantal Stoffelsma), who are also members of the alumni association board. The Netherlands prides itself on a very engaged and supportive alumni community, with a high donor participation rate and numerous ‘salamander holders’ — miniature bronze, silver and gold salamanders are awarded for certain thresholds of lifetime giving, with the salamander being a key symbol of INSEAD and Fontainebleau.

One key achievement in The Netherlands has been the establishment of the ‘Dutch Business as a Force for Good initiative’ in 2019. This multi-year campaign has so far raised over €1 million from our alumni community, and already resulted in granting the very first ‘Dutch Alumni Association Scholarship’ to a student from the Philippines!

Please reach out to Manish or Chantal about giving back to INSEAD and tax deductibility options in the Netherlands.