INSEAD Alumni Random activities in the Netherlands

Dear INSEAD Alumni,

Fancy meeting a fellow INSEADer for an activity of your liking? Sign up and unwind with a fellow alum!

How does this work?

1.Indicate your location and your preference for an activity on the signup sheet. For activities, you can choose between:

 A walk together
A visit to a museum together
A drink, lunch, bite or meal together
Watch a game or play a sport together
Something else

2.Once all information has been gathered, we will randomly pair you with another INSEAD alum, based on your location and your preference for an activity

3.Once paired, you and your fellow alum will decide on a date and time in October or November to enjoy your activity together

4.Please share pictures of your activity. We’d love to know of your experience!

Questions? Contact Odette Hooft Graafland

Have fun!

The Event committee NAA-NL

Last day to sign up: 23 October 2020