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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, lifelong learning is essential for the sustained success and growth of our alumni so they can be a force for good in the world. INSEAD curates new impactful online and in-person learning experiences for alumni throughout the year, so watch this space via the link below!

INSEAD Lifelong Learning

Giving Dinner 2019

On Wednesday night the Dutch Alumni gathered in the Westergasfabriek for Giving Dinner, generously hosted by Shell. Celebrating the great results from the Giving Day campaign and thanking everyone for their generosity. Shell’s CFO Jessica Uhl told us about the Dutch skill of forging partnerships, Shell’s role to help this world become more sustainable and the transformation of Shell in that process. In Professor Shipilov’s lecture about Digitalization and Partnerships, we learned how uncommon partnerships drive real innovation. Many thanks to Shell for being our generous host this evening and we hope to see all of you at our next event!

Young Alumni Drinks

We had our latest Young Alumni Drinks last Tuesday. We welcomed the new classes that just arrived in the Netherlands. We also got lucky to get students from the current 19J class visiting as part of a company trek. It was great to see so many new faces and the energy from the new alumni. Thanks all who came and keep making this event a great one to reconnect.

Highlights of Private Equity 2018

On Tuesday February 12th IPEC organized the Highlights of Dutch Private Equity 2018. Allen & Overy kindly hosted the event and we were pleased with the large audience.
Two successful deals, which were exited in 2018, were presented. First, Ivo Lurvink from CVC, presented the story behind CVC’s investment in Stage Entertainment a deal they did alongside Joop van der Ende. We learned a lot on how to deal with an ambitious entrepreneur and how to create value in the entertainment industry.
Second, Gerritjan Eggenkamp from Avedon, presented the ins and outs of Avedon’s investment in vanRiet and especially we now all know the importance of the shoe sorter!
The evening had a good mix with companies operating in completely different industries and being of a different scale. We have already started brainstorming for a next event and hope to all see you there (again).

myTomorrows – “The pain of changing the game”

myTomorrows, Amsterdam, 6 februari 2019 ‘The pain of changing the game.’

‘Mind blowing, knettergoed!’ superlatieven opgetekend door enkele van de 32 aanwezige INSEAD alumni direct na afloop van de presentatie van Ronald Brus, founder en CEO van myTomorrows.

myTomorrows werd in 2012 opgericht door arts en ex CEO van Crucell Ronald Brus. Persoonlijke ervaring, overtuiging, middelen en zijn netwerk waren de ingrediënten waarmee deze bevlogen entrepreneur inmiddels meer dan 100 miljoen aan ‘funding’ ophaalde en zich in korte tijd omringde door de beste adviseurs, wetenschapper en digital experts. Zo wist hij bijvoorbeeld Ronald Plasterk (oud minister) in 2017 aan zich te binden. Brus is vastbesloten de toegankelijkheid tot nieuwe veel belovende geneesmiddelen significant te verbeteren, tegen lagere kosten en binnen alle bestaande wet- en regelgeving. Op inspirerende wijze verhaalde hij over zijn reis waarbij hij de vele barrières die hij tot op heden tegenkwam niet uit de weg ging. Zie voor meer info: myTomorrows

De organisatie was in handen van INSEAD SIG Healthcare & Life Sciences
Eva de Bres, Nienke Budde & Thomas Calis


DSM is bringing purpose to life – creating brighter lives for all

DSM is bringing purpose to life – creating brighter lives for all

Despite the snow and an all-time high Dutch traffic jam record of 2300 km, Royal DSM hosted on January 22nd over 50 Dutch (and visiting) INSEAD Alumni to an event in their Amsterdam office to discuss purpose & innovation.

As an organisation you focus on generating profits, or on improving the world – or so the story goes. DSM is convinced that for a company to successfully address today’s complex and interconnected challenges, good financial returns can – and must – go together with purpose.

This is why DSM is among the first organizations to fully and explicitly embed purpose in its strategy. DSM is moving beyond compliance to make the creation of a sustainable business environment core to its mission. This means engaging the support all its stakeholders and building on its strong science base and capacity for innovation, to produce sustainable and healthy solutions for its customers, whilst also improving the impact of its own operations.

In an interactive session organised by the Dutch NAA Sustainability Club, Inge Massen, Global Director Purpose & Brand gave an overview of DSM’s next steps in their journey as a “purpose-led, performance driven” company. For more than a decade DSM has a distinguished record for embracing sustainability and providing value for all stakeholders simultaneously across the three dimensions of people, planet and profit. Inge shared how DSM is making a decisive next step as a purpose-led company and how they integrate this approach into strategy, governance and KPIs.

Hans Vossen, VP Finance DSM Innovation Center followed Inge to talk about innovation with a purpose and explained how DSM is seeing the role of innovation in a purpose led company. Hans helped us understand what it takes to manage a purpose-led innovation program and fill DSM’s long term innovation pipeline.

DSM does not claim that adhering to purpose whilst driving ambitious financial goals is always an easy path. To illustrate this, participants then went out into breakout groups to discuss three challenges that Inge and Hans face on their journey. The groups engaged in some very passioned and lively discussions and the insights this brought were shared in a closing plenary session.

This event was kindly hosted by DSM in co-operation with the Dutch NAA Sustainability Club (Maxine Tillij, Tim Bett, Ron Soonieus)