The future of digital health and patient empowerment, SkinVision

19 juni 2019 – The future of digital health and patient empowerment, SkinVision Amsterdam.

SkinVision, startup environment, view on Amsterdam Marina was the place to be on June 19th 2019 in the evening.

Thomas Calis opened the evening by thanking Eva de Bres for 8 years of volunteering in the SIG Healthcare & life sciences. He introduced Cynthia De Leeuw (MBA’99D) as the new SIG volunteer. Cynthia on her turn announced the next SIG meeting which will take place @ IKNL AVL in September / October 2019. Details will follow shortly.

SkinVision CEO Erik de Heus, assisted by two colleagues INSEAD alumni MBA’s Loes van Egmond and Tobias Dekker, shared the SkinVision story with over 30 enthusiastic INSEAD alumni. During a one hour highly interactive session Erik openly revealed the success stories and the setbacks of this digital journey to save at least 250.000 lives from skin cancer.

His company (50% international and 50% women) has purpose. Focused on quality, service, reputation, funding, efficiency, the dedicated team is turning a dream into reality. De Heus, a senior compared to the rest has a mission and is determined to succeed.

The dialogue continued after the session as the SkinVision team took great care of demonstrating true hospitality.

We are grateful for the presentation and hospitality!

Thomas Calis & Cynthia De Leeuw

SIG Healthcare & Life Sciences.