Reciprocity Ring

“For new information and ideas, weak ties are more important to us than strong ones”  because ”….friendly outsiders bring us news of opportunities from beyond our immediate circles – and so the more of those acquaintances we have, the better.”

The pilot INSEAD PH Reciprocity Ring was held virtually last week composed of 14 alumni (half young and the other half, seasoned). 

Reciprocity Ring facilitates making the ASK and matching the help from fellow participants – basically a more constructive way of networking. In this pilot run which took 90 minutes, ASKS ranged widely from career transitions sideward (getting into VC/PE, and from tech to non-tech) and upward (C-suite mentoring to board roles), seeking tech (solutions/co-founders), fundraising or investing, across a broad of industries from real estate, education, health, fashion and celebrities.

Thanks to Marco for this initiative which he himself experienced a few times during his time at INSEAD demonstrating his way of paying  it forward. We are looking to run this more regularly and would be happy to have you join future sessions. Please indicate your interest in joining and nominating a friend to join by emailing [email protected]

Confidentiality is key and remains within each ring, as we want to ensure a safe space for matching for all to share their needs.