Executive Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the Executive Committee of the INSEAD Alumni Association Philippines (IAAPH) are to:

  • Strengthen the alumni community through membership, events and lifelong learning and to support INSEAD and other alumni. It is essential to build enthusiasm, commitment and motivation within this very special community of volunteers;
  • Inspire alumni to build and further strengthen a lifelong relevance of the INSEAD global network for the alumni;
  • Develop an external profile of the alumni activities and INSEAD in the Philippines; and
  • Work together to be an effective partner to INSEAD and the INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA), and have INSEAD interact effectively with its alumni;
  • Build bridges, between alumni, with other National Alumni Associations (NAAs), with the INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF), with INSEAD Global Clubs and other stakeholders. Have a constructive and collaborative point of view, yet not be afraid to make views known;
  • Inspire respect and implementation of the Credo of the IAA, the statutes of the NAA and the Code of Conduct for NAAs, to the benefit of all alumni and INSEAD.


  • Lead and motivate IAAPH ExCo team to fulfill its responsibilities
  • Is a senior INSEAD Alumnus/Alumna with credibility, based upon successful leadership experience, to chair and motivate a complex international volunteer organization;
  • Should be willing to dedicate around 24 hours per month, and have time to travel to the semi-annual IAA Presidents meetings in May and November;
  • Be responsible, and accountable to the IAAPH Annual General Assembly (AGM) for leading the overall alumni effort in the Philippines.
  • Work with INSEAD to ensure adequate resources and infrastructure are in place to facilitate the alumni network interactions to the benefit of both alumni and INSEAD;


  • Should be willing to dedicate around 10 hours per month and have excellent note taking, transcription, and computer literacy skills with ability to meet deadlines and produce Minutes in a timely manner for distribution and action by the IAAPH ExCo.
  • Ensuring legal documentation obligations of the association are fulfilled: submitting annual returns and annual audited statement of accounts, change of management committee and proposed amendments for Constitution or By-laws
  • AGM planning and organizing
  • Taking minutes at ExCo meetings, circulating them for approval and filing them in a centralized file management system.
  • Ensuring documentation is kept in centralized file management system
  • Ensuring code of conduct is signed by IAAPH Board and Executive Committee (ExCo)

Vice-President: Partnerships

  • Should be willing to dedicate around 8 hours per month
  • Liaise with other MBA schools, Business Clubs, Embassies and other external institutions


  • Should be willing to dedicate around 10 hours per month, and possess bookkeeping skills required for this role to prepare financial reports:
  • Tracks cash collection and membership payments into IAAPH Bank account
  • Opening such bank accounts as the ExCo may direct and depositing therein all money received on behalf of the Club
  • Collecting and disbursing all money on behalf of the Club and accounting for all transactions.
  • Issuing receipts for all money received by the Club as requested.
  • Preparing and presenting a financial report quarterly for ExCo meetings and AGM and making such report available for viewing to the general members.
  • Keeping all accounting and other records as are necessary to explain the transactions and financial position of the company and to ensure a profit and loss account and a balance sheet to be prepared. The accounting records must be kept for x years after the completion of the transactions or operations to which they relate.
  • Keeping all records of financial transactions for each event undertaken by the Club so that an Auditor can validate proper income and expenditure.

Vice-President: Membership

  • Should be willing to dedicate around 8 hours per month
  • Tracks cash collection and membership payments
  • Ensuring that renewal notices are sent to all members for expiring subscriptions

Vice-President: Events

  • Should be willing to dedicate around 8 hours per month
  • Be the point of contact for events all year around to engage and attract the diverse alumni
  • Ensures each event is profitable or breakeven at the worst case