Washington Sycip Scholarship Recipient

Dear Alumni,

My name is Gian, a Filipino MBA ’18J student and the first recipient of the INSEAD Washington Sycip scholarship. Already more than halfway through the wild ride that is the INSEAD experience, I will soon be back in the so-called “real world” outside of INSEAD. The fact that this program is so short has always reminded me to never take this experience for granted – and indeed, I haven’t. Amidst the classes, parties, and weekend trips, I set aside time to finding ways to give back, in thanks for the generosity that allowed me to come to INSEAD. I joined the Robin Hood scholarship campaign, raising 20,000 EUR for an incoming MBA student with the rest of my class. I joined the community in organizing events to welcome incoming students and potential applicants. I took an active role in the leadership of INDEVOR, the school’s social impact organization. My personal and professional goal is to make a meaningful impact in different industries and geographies, and the Washington Sycip scholarship helped me make the first step toward that. Before coming here, I would never have thought it possible to have a global career, and yet, here I am. For sure, as my career continues to grow, I plan to regularly dedicate a portion of my income to this scholarship. I hope that all of you will join me in doing the same. 

Let’s help another deserving Filipino or Filipina change the world through business.
Gian Dapul
MBA ’18J