INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum in Madrid

The INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum 2019 took place in Madrid, focused on the theme “Excellent Execution 2: Deeper”. It’s the INSEAD Forum to go if you are a startup or investor looking to expand your business and learn from outstanding speakers from all over the world.
This edition again confirmed the diversity and range in the alumni community: 170 participants from 32 different nationalities flying in from has far as Hong Kong or Canada just to attend the forum.

Next year the Forum arrives for the first time in Lisbon! A huge challenge your alumni association is taking on. Let us know if you want to be part of this endeavor by sending us an email to [email protected]


60th INSEAD Day at Museu do Oriente

The 12th of September 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of INSEAD.

For this year’s event, the Portuguese NAA visited the Museu do Oriente in a special opening, exploring the cultural connections between Europe, Middle East and Asia, a proper tribute for the school with its campi in these locations.

Pedro da Cunha gave an update on the association’s activities, namely the developments in San Francisco, the participation of alumni in the recent events, the outstanding impact generated by the Leading Together initiative, and reminded everyone of the excellent benefits which come with being a member of an INSEAD NAA. Joaquim Paiva Chaves gave the alumni updates on the activities of the IAA, at the upper floor foyer with a sight to Lisbon’s setting sun.