Lunch with Professor Arlindo Oliveira (Artificial Intelligence)

On the 10th of October, at Campo dos Mártires da Pátria in Lisboa, AAA INSEAD Portugal had a lunch with Professor Arlindo Oliveira, President of Instituto Superior Técnico (one of the most reputable engineering schools of Lisbon University).

30 alumni attended the get-together.

Professor Oliveira, a specialist on Algorithms and Complexity, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics and Digital Circuit Design, spoke about Artificial Intelligence in 20 minutes, followed by a 40 minutes very intense Q&A session.

Professor Oliveira approached subjects as diverse as Computer Science, History, Ethics, Law, Philosophy and Neuro Science.

It was a memorable journey!

INSEAD NAA Portugal 1st Padel Tournament

The first INSEAD NAA Portugal Padel Tournament happened the 28th September, at the Padel courts of Quinta do Fojo, in Gaia, with the sponsorship of BEBÉVIDA and RODEL and the support of SuperbockGroup and Jornal Vida Económica.

With a start by 9am, the player roster counted 9 male doubles, divided into 3 groups. The winners of the 3 groups and the best runner-ups went to the semi-finals, which had the following results:

Miguel Teles/Luis Feitas v Rui Vieira/Pedro Telinhos: 6-3/6-2

Paulo Nuno Oliveira/Luis Melo v Eduardo and Henrique Caramalho: 6-3/6-4

The final was Miguel Teles/Luis Feitas v Paulo Nuno Oliveira/Luis Melo: 6-0/6-4, after a long day of padel.

The tournament also counted with 6 mixed doubles, divided into two groups. The final was very even and decided only at super tie-break. The winners were Alexandra Pinto/Luis Feitas who beat Inês Couceiro/Rodrigo Sá by 6-2/4-6/10-5.

The tournament was very lively, in an excellent sunny day, and finished by 19h00. All of the athletes were eager for next year’s tournament. Check the pictures below!