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INSEAD Iberian Event – Évora

From May 24, 2019 to May 26, 2019

We will have Professor of Decision Sciences and Technology Management at INSEAD since 2001 Theos Evgeniou for the III Iberian Event in Évora!

Theos has received four degrees from MIT and authored more than 40 academic and business articles which have been cited by more than 8000 other publications. At INSEAD, he has been focusing on data analytics (and “Big Data”) applied to a range of areas from customer insights and marketing to finance.

Management update: “Perspectives on Technological Waves and Fashions: the path to AI”: The IT and Consulting industries regularly promote certain technologies – which turn into waves that eventually slowly disappear from the news but typically still stay in companies’ systems and budgets. We heard about “Enterprise Resource Planning” in the 90s (together with the thing called the “Internet”), then “Customer Relationship Management” and “Knowledge Management” in the early 2000s, at some point about “Big Data”, and now about “Artificial Intelligence”. Does the sequence make any sense? Why are we talking about AI today? What are some organisational, industry, and potentially societal challenges – and opportunities – we face and how to think about these in a pragmatic, and/or also in a “wishful thinking” way?

We will also have Cristóbal Alonso, President AAA INSEAD Spain, Serial entrepreneur, Startup Lover, international TMT Transformational leader and Global Networker with the topic“Life of a flying CEO” and João Pedro Taborda, Embraer’s Director External Relations, Europe, Middle East and Africa since 2005 with the topic “Embraer, why Évora to build an airplane factory?”

See prices and all the programes we have scheduled for every case here and do not miss the opportunity to share an unforgettable weekend with alumni from Portugal and Spain!

Hoping you find this initiative attractive and looking forward to see you soon, yours sincerely,

Pedro da Cunha

President NAA INSEAD Portugal