How Product Games Work

Product Games will challenge you to put on the hat of a product manager and solve a real product problem.


Voice assistants are a growing technological trend across smartphones, tablets, and computers. The benefits of controlling a device using speech are uncontested – from the speed of the interaction, to the ease of use.

Problem Statement

While Voice and Virtual Assistants are growing in popularity and launching all around the globe, they are yet to pass the ‘toothbrush test’ with regards to users building them into their daily routines and lives –

  1. What is the killer use-case that will make these Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven assistants indispensable?
  2. How does one make a fundamentally Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning driven product more human?
  3. What is the best way to make these products more assistive and useful to users without compromising on privacy and security?
The Challenge

Participants are invited to form teams, and develop an application of voice technology that makes everyday task(s) faster and more delightful for customers. Teams must consist of at least two members, and a maximum of six.

Evaluation Metrics
  • Problem & solution concept validation (e.g. user interviews, prototyping, usability tests)
  • Identification of a key use-case (e.g. business model viability, assessment of trade-offs)
  • Identification of success metrics / KPIs
  • Specifications of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), including roadmap for potential iteration
  • Go-to-market strategy (i.e path to user-adoption)
Your Submission
  • The submission should be in the form of a presentation (PDF or Google Slides), no more than 15 pages (excluding presentation cover, agenda and appendices)
  • The submission should outline the Product Requirements
  • Imagination is the limit – participants may use mock-ups, text, graphs, gifs, screenshots, spreadsheets, etc to support the presentation
  • Minimum Viable Product or the build of an app or skill using open platforms such as Dialogflow / Alexa etc is optional (and by no means necessary)