The last year has brought a dizzying wave of development in publicly available generative artificial intelligence models. These models can build a capability to produce original and creative content by exploring patterns in vast publicly available human-produced datasets. Human creativity, once deemed impenetrable by machines, is now being augmented, enhanced and indeed displaced by tools like Midjourney, GPT-4 and Bard. Industry players, scientists and regulators are all frantically trying to guess where AI is taking us next. Will we continue to race towards the singularity for the benefit of mankind? Will misuse of technology cause irreparable harm to society? Will regulators gain control of the field? Whatever the answer, an exciting future awaits. 

Problem statement

We ask you to embrace your inner futurist and build a new product leveraging Generative AI.  Try to think ahead of the curve and predict what the next big application of generative AI could be in one or more sectors from the following list:

  • Healthcare
  • Climate Tech
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Fintech
  • Retail

Some questions that you could think about

  • What is the expected disruption / future potential of generative AI in your industry of choice?
  • What is one killer product that can help businesses, society, and individuals leverage key opportunities presented by said disruption?
  • What are the catalysts/requirements needed for your product to succeed?

How would you approach data / AI governance in relation to your application?

The Challenge

In teams of 2-5 people, you are invited to develop a product that addresses a specific challenge or group of challenges in this space. As a part of your proposal, we would need a clear articulation of the problem, and the ways in which your product solution addresses it, empowering and supporting the solutions of the future. The solution must be validated by your user research. The product can be tangible or intangible, but it must be a product of some sort.

Evaluation criteria

Product Concept and Design

  • Clear articulation of the product and the challenge it addresses
  • Critical functions and features targeting specific users
  • Clearly identified user journey and understanding of user needs
  • Well thought out user friendliness and user experience features
  • Concept validation through user testing, prototyping, etc.

Business Acumen

  • Clear target segmentation
  • Clear understanding of budgetary and resource constraints, as well as mitigations
  • Risks & trade-offs of scale up
  • Adequate KPIs and success metrics clearly defined

Product Display

  • Presentation of the product succinctly and to time
  • Vivid product presentation, including product details, product design, etc. (e.g. create either a prototype, mock design, 3D model or anything that can showcase your product)


Key dates, 2023
KICK OFF Sept. 12 Gather your perfect team and register
SUBMISSION DEADLINE Oct. 15 Submissions Close / Deadline
TOP 4 ANNOUNCEMENT Oct. 27 Selection of the top 4 finalist teams by a jury of product managers
MENTORSHIP Oct. 23 – Nov. 20 Receive one-on-one coaching from major industry leaders
FINALS Nov. 22 Take advantage of the mentorship opportunity to make some final tweaks to your submission before presenting it at the finals!


Your submission

The final presentation should be a live demo, mock design or anything that can bring your product to life.

Presentations are great, keep it to the PDF deliverable for the initial submission. For the final round, Videos are even better and it is strongly recommended to incorporate them into your presentation (Kickstarter style).

Put the user in the center. The judges want to see what the user thinks and feels about the areas you are addressing and what they think about the product. Please provide user research.

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