Am I eligible to participate?

If you are a current masters student at a business school, you are eligible to compete on a team in Product Games. In addition, other non-business graduate students are permitted to join your team, provided they are enrolled at the same university. Business graduate students must make up at least 50% of the team.

How do teams work?

The team size is limited to 2-5 members. When you’re looking to build the team, it’s recommended to have a balance of business acumen, design thinking, analytical skills, and a passion for technology.

Can more than one team from the same business school compete in Product Games?

Yes, multiple teams may enter from the same business school.

Does this cost money?

It is free to register and to submit your team solution to Product Games. For those teams selected to compete in the final event, Product Games will provide partial travel and accommodation reimbursement of up to USD 2,000 per team. Finalists will be expected to self-fund the remainder of their travel costs for the event.

I'm interested, but nobody in my team has coding experience, what should I do?

You don’t need any coding experience to compete. All you need is a good understanding of user behavior, and strong business acumen. Understanding of technology landscape will certainly help you, but it’s not necessary.

Do I need to physically be at the Product Games final event or can I present virtually?

Teams that are unable to commit to sending at least one team representative to the final event will be ineligible to continue on to the next round. Though it’s not mandatory for all team members to attend, we highly recommend that the full team make themselves physically available at the time of the final presentation in front of our judges. Not only does it allow for a better conversation with the technology experts, it also gives the participants a chance to network with our sponsors, partners, and other supporters.

I have more questions.

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