We, the community of INSEAD Alumni living and working in Romania, believe in Business as a Force for Good ! We cannot think of a better way of continuing the true INSEAD spirit than coming closer and working together to transform and positively impact Romania and its people. We have a duty to make a real difference in the world, to perform at outstanding levels and to honor the knowledge and skills we acquired at INSEAD and throughout our professional lives. While we encourage and celebrate individual success, we are aware that the collective wisdom and team work, especially given the amazing quality of the members of our Alumni Association, will exceed the total sum of all the individual performances taken altogether.

That is why our Alumni created the Romanian Chapter of the INSEAD Alumni Association back in 2008 with the aim to create outstanding value for all of the Alumni, the School, the community we live in.

We are committed to keeping the INSEAD flag high and to foster the INSEAD brand in the minds and hearts of all of our Alumni members, as well as to implement the lifelong learning process based on a close cooperation with INSEAD and our stakeholders.

Please see below our Association’s vision and values as defined by the current IAARO Board.


To inspire others and lead by example in order to transform and grow our community


  • Independence
  • Diversity
  • Ethical Business
  • Leadership via disseminating the INSEAD learning process
  • Closeness to the business community
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit


The 3 Pillars of our strategy

  1. Networking. We are enablers of networks: INSEAD, IAARO, Top Global Alumni, business environment, business circles, the communities, the country, the globe
  2. Knowledge. We facilitate the sharing of non-dogmatic knowledge and promote access to knowledge by disseminating the INSEAD learning process
  3. The INSEAD Brand. We value and celebrate INSEAD brand and support its promotion through everything we do.