16D MBA Club CV e-Books available

16D MBA Club CV e-Books

The books below contain the CVs of MBA students in the December 2016 graduating class who are members of the relevant club.

Alumni please contact us for password.

Global Executive MBA16 and Tsinghua INSEAD Executive MBA17 e-Book

 This e-book contains the CVs of Executive MBA participants in the GEMBA15 and TIEMBA16 classes.  Access the e-book via your CareerGlobe account (CV Books tab). Please feel free to contact the students directly using the contact details they have indicated on their CV. Please note that the 17J MBA CV e-book is available in your CareerGlobe account. If you are interested in visiting the INSEAD campuses to meet students, or would like to obtain further information about the recruitment process at INSEAD in general, please contact us on [email protected].

INSEAD Career Development Centre is happy to assist you with your recruitment needs.

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