2022 Business As A Force For Good Awards – Meet The Judges Interview Series #6

Introducing Apo Ozkececi MCCC’19Dec-S  – IAA Singapore Vice President and SVP Commercial & Regional Head, Asia Pacific, Accelya.

What were your key takeaways after graduating from INSEAD in relation to having a positive social impact on the community? The wide range of benefits we can provide our social environment which eventually bring positive returns to us and our well-being.

What do you believe are the critical elements for a business to act as a force for good? Businesses are for-profit, so we can’t expect them to act in ways that hurt their profitability. However, a business that acts as a force for good knows how to prioritize their long term objectives for society against short term profits and gains.

What actions from companies have you seen which has been a Force For Good?
Although criticized heavily for pollution and climate change, air transportation companies have invested heavily in reducing their contribution to noise pollution, environmental pollution and climate change, while keeping world trade running. And big technology companies are providing infrastructure to rural areas and educating very large populations through their platforms.

What are some specific actions employees should do to enable a positive social impact on our community ? Employees should be more informed and aware of their actions when it comes to impacting their community and they should give more to the society they live in. This can be small or large, but they will benefit from giving as the feeling is priceless.

What key BAFG principles would you like businesses in Singapore to embrace?
Singapore businesses are very privileged to be operating from such an excellent country with the highest standards in financial, educational, infrastructure, jurisdiction and life-quality perspectives. Thus, I would expect the companies in Singapore to take a natural leading role for the Southeast Asian countries promoting all BAFG principles.

What were the main reasons for accepting an invitation to be an IAA Singapore BAFG judge? I truly believe in the values of INSEAD, I am a believer of the BAFG initiative, and I love Singapore as my adapted home. This role was at the intersection of the three, and I am very happy to be offered this role by our Executive Committee.

What motivated you to be an advocate for businesses to act as a force for good?
It resonates very strongly with my values, what I want to contribute to society, and I believe businesses are the strongest vehicles to act on any ideas.

Anything else you would like to add? There are many nominees this year, and this shows that IAA SG is on the right track to make the BAFG Awards a strong tradition. I’m looking forward to reviewing the nominations with my fellow judges. We will choose only one award winner in each category, but the nominees are already winners for society thanks to all they contribute.

Meet The Judges Interview Series

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