2023 In Review

Dear Members,

Our theme last year was “Engaging Our Members”. We are thrilled to report on the success we achieved. In our association, our 100+ volunteers graciously volunteered their time to organize 73 events, giving our alumni ample opportunities to connect, engage and thrive.

This year, our Executive Committee has set a bold new theme: “Building Bridges.” Our aim is to engage our members in more meaningful ways to promote positive impact. To achieve these goals, we need your help.

We welcome you, our valued members, to join us on this adventure. Our new initiatives include IN-Board, Career Development Coaching, and many other events and projects. We are open to new ideas and energy, so please share your suggestions .

Help us build bridges that will connect us to each other and to the world. Together, we can continue to make the INSEAD Alumni Association of Singapore, a shining example of what can be accomplished when a community comes together.

We hereby present our 2023 Executive Committee. Committee members do stand up so that our members can approach you to help us embark on another exciting journey building bridges for growth, learning and positive impact.

Let’s be amazing, together!