AGM Agenda & Proposed changes to NAA Constitution

Agenda for the AGM to be held 29 March

Notice is hereby given that we will consider the following agenda items at the AGM:

1. Approval of Minutes from 2015-2016 AGM (Avalyn Lim, Secretary)
2. President’s Address & Report (Alexandra De Mello, Outgoing President)
3. The Annual and Financial reports for FYE 31 December 2016 (Abel van Staveren, Treasurer)
4. The Election of President 2017-2019 (Chaired by Abel van Staveren, Treasurer; Nominations Committee) *More information below
5. Re-election of Exco Office Bearers: Abel van Staveren, Treasurer and Avalyn Lim, Secretary
6. Election/Re-election of Exco members.
7. Constitutional Revisions (Chaired by Avalyn Lim, Secretary) **More information below

*Presidential Election

An open call for nominations for the post of President of the Club was made to the membership in September 2016, and the nomination proceedings were overseen by a committee of three:
Abel van Staveren, EMBA ’08, Treasurer
Christophe Inglin, MBA ’93J, Past Exco
Alexandra De Mello, MBA ’94D, Outgoing PresidentAfter receiving, reviewing your nominations and conducting several rounds of interviews, we are pleased to announce that Cintia Tavella (MBA ’07D) was unanimously voted, and that she has accepted, to stand for election as President of the INSEAD Alumni Association Singapore.


The EXCO of the NAA Singapore has drafted a new Constitution. The proposed changes will be voted on at the upcoming AGM on 29 March.

New Draft Constitution to be adopted at 29 March AGM


If you have comments or queries please contact us.

If you cannot attend the AGM please leave a proxy here.

If you would like to attend please sign up here.

**Constitution Revision
In 2015, the Exco of the INSEAD Alumni Association Singapore reviewed the Objectives of the Club to determine if the current objectives in the Constitution remained relevant to our fast growing community. It was proposed at that meeting to review and redraft the INSEAD Alumni Association Constitution for the following reasons:
  • Statutory compliance. The Constitution needs to be revised in order to meet the current regulatory guidelines under the Registry of Societies and the Societies Act (Cap. 311), as the current Constitution was drafted in the 1980s and there have been several changes to the guidelines for Constitutions in recent years.
  • Relevance to the alumni community.
    The current document was prepared when there was no INSEAD campus, and only a small number of alumni residing in Singapore. The needs of the community have outgrown the Constitution’s Objectives which has been redrafted for consideration; and certain Articles, e.g. associate membership is no longer necessary, given the large pool of general members presently living and working in Singapore.
  • Greater clarity and safeguards.
    We have redrafted the document to include more clarity around certain clauses, e.g. specifying the maximum terms for Exco office bearers.
  • Inclusion of Bye-Laws. To enable the Exco to include, amend and/or remove clauses without requiring a formal revision of the Constitution in its entirety. Changes made to the Bye-Laws by the Exco will be presented to members at the AGM immediately following the date of the change.


INSEAD in the NEWS – Latest

China’s New World Order
Hellmut Schütte, INSEAD Emeritus Professor of International Management, comments on China’s vision and ambition as stipulated by President Xi. Can China be relied upon to lead, dictate and defend the global liberal system and the new international world order?Channel NewsAsia Singapore – 9 March

What if Trump and Hillary had swapped genders?

INSEAD Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science Maria Guadalupe wanted to know what would happen if she restaged the US presidential debates and switched the genders. A woman would recite Trump’s words line for line, and a man would do the same and play Hillary. The ethnodrama ‘Her Opponent’ yielded some very interesting results. KFI AM 640 Radio USA – 9 March

韩国陷多事之秋 (South Korea’s Troubles) 
Antonio Fatas, INSEAD Professor of Economics, comments on the role of chaebols (large family-owned business conglomerates) in Korea, and its significance to the domestic economy. Mediacorp Channel 8 Singapore – 9 March

Single-sex networks under a spotlight
Lily Fang, INSEAD Associate Professor of Finance, published a study indicating that men’s connections with other men are more helpful to their careers than women’s connections with women. She explained that the discrepancy could arise because men tend to occupy more senior roles. Financial Times  UK – 8 March

The future world order 
(Reprinted from INSEAD Knowledge)
According to INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Strategy and International Business Michael Witt, with globalisation on the ropes and a hegemon in decline, prevalent political science theories suggest a conflictual future. Education Post Hong Kong – 7 March

Digital is having a broad impact on organisations: Professor Peter Zemsky
Professor Peter Zemsky, Dean of Executive Education and Deputy Dean of INSEAD, signed a MoU with the Times Centre for Learning Ltd to launch executive education programmes in India. He commented:’ As more and more industries face digital disruption, traditional organisations need to be proactive in helping their employees embrace the change’. The Economic Times India –  7 March

Stay Ahead
INSEAD Professor of Economics, Antonio Fatas, comments on the business sentiment of companies and economic development in Asia. He also elaborates on Europe’s outlook relating to recent political developments. Channel NewsAsia Singapore – 4 March

INSEAD in the NEWS – Latest

Meet prodigy finance fintech firm went global day one
INSEAD alumnus Cameron Stevens, Chief Executive and co-founder of Prodigy Finance since 2007, found it paradoxical that a graduate could be accepted into the best business schools but not be trusted to pay back a student loan. Like many entrepreneurs, he wanted to find the intersection of doing something meaningful for the world, but also build a profitable, high-growth business. City A.M. UK – 14 February

Unilever levels up its startup game with collaborative space 
Unilever launches collaborative space ‘Level3’ in Singapore. INSEAD Professor of Technology and Operations Management Serguei Netessine comments that for startups in Singapore, partnering with multinational corporations like Unilever is a springboard to scale and build more successful businesses. Campaign Asia Singapore – 14 February

Dark mood overshadows Singapore’s economic view
According to Pushan Dutt, INSEAD Professor of Economics and Political Science, Singapore’s main challenge is in how to increase its productivity growth. Nikkei Asian Review Japan – 23 February

Why It Pays Off to Be Funny at Work—Usually
According to research led by Li Huang, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, a little sarcasm boosts creativity. The researchers found that participants who experienced sarcastic exchanges were more likely to find the solution to a tasks that required creative insight. The Wall Street Journal US – 20 February

INSEAD in the NEWS – Latest

  • Power is Everywhere: How Stakeholder-Driven Media Build the Future of Watchdog News
    Luk N. Van Wassenhove, INSEAD Professor of Technology and Operations Management, Dr Mark Lee Hunter, INSEAD Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Fellow at INSEAD, based in the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre, and Maria Besiou launched a new book ‘Power is everywhere’ on how ‘stakeholder- driven-media’ can remedy to the many issues of the news industry today. Do alternative facts count more than straight facts? Does fake news beats thin news?France – The Global Editors Network (GEN) 
    How real facts beat alternative facts

    US – NiemanLab
    “Stakeholder-driven journalism” is the real future of watchdog reporting, a new book argues

  • 7 strategies to take Singapore forward
    INSEAD Professor of Technology and Operations Management Serguei Netessine is part of Singapore’s Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) which released a 109-page report with recommendations to help the country navigate a more uncertain global environment in the next 10 years. The committee laid out seven strategies to maximise Singapore’s chances of success and assure workers of sustainable wage growth and meaningful careers.  Singapore – The Straits Times 
  • Who’s Responsible? The Ethics of the Sharing Economy
    Reprinted from INSEAD Knowledge
    Craig Smith, INSEAD Chaired Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility asks whether the responsibilities of “sharing economy” giants like Uber and airbnb, differ from those of traditional companies. The Huffington Post UK – 2 February

Reaction to INSEAD’s #1 Rating for 2nd time

From Dean Ilian Mihov:

“We are honoured that our MBA programme ranks #1 again this year,” said INSEAD Dean Ilian Mihov, “This recognition is a testimony to the efforts and accomplishments of our entire INSEAD community: our successful alumni, our world-class faculty and exceptional staff who deliver a transformational MBA experience for all students. We are grateful to our dedicated alumni, donors and friends around the world, whose contributions and expertise take our school to even greater heights.”

Dean Mihov added, “We are especially proud of our alumni, a diverse group of value-driven business leaders and entrepreneurs who make a difference and change the world every day.” INSEAD has an extensive and influential global alumni network with more than 52,000 alumni representing 156 nationalities from 169 countries.

The Business Times
Singapore – 31 January 

INSEAD retains top spot in FT’s global MBA rankings


Financial Times
UK – 30 January

FT Global MBA Ranking 2017: Analysis

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MBA graduate salaries increase by record amount 

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