Events / Acing the Interview: Get the job! with Daniel Porot

Acing the Interview: Get the job! with Daniel Porot

October 29, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Discover the most efficient techniques (face to face, phone, Skype …) used by successful candidates when being interviewed for their dream job.

Tough questions make most candidates feel very uncomfortable, especially if your answers are not sufficiently prepared. Not getting a job offer for a job for which you have the right profile is another setback.   

 The good news is: Daniel Porot will be back in town and knows how to help! Come and join his practical session on how to land the dream job with acing the interview(s), online and offline. 

Topics covered

• 4 areas to investigate to prepare your interview 
• Make sure you impact positively during the first 10 seconds of the interview (when 50% of the decision is supposed to be taken)
• Use your 5 fingers to proceed successfully to a job offer 
• Identify the best time to close the interview 
• Master and overcome sensitive issues (sex, nationality, age, unusual salary…) 
• Handle cleverly phone and Skype interviews 
• Use the right type of message (letter, email, phone call …) to follow up after an interview 
  • INSEAD NAA Members: S$ 15
  • INSEAD NAA Non-members: S$ 45
  • DUAL Members S$45