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Career Disruption & Transitions

October 25, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Career Disruption & Transitions 

Wednesday 25 October, 7-8.30pm at INSEAD

Claire Harbour-Lyell (MBA’92J)
As professionals, we face many critical crossroads in our careers, sometimes unpredictable, sometimes more expected, but for which we were often not truly prepared. 

Over the last three years, Claire Harbour-Lyell (MBA’92J) and Antoine Tirard (MBA’97J)have been researching and writing “DISRUPT YOUR CAREER – HOW TO SURVIVE UNCHARTED TRANSITIONS AND THRIVE.”  The book discusses many types of career transitions – from leaving a corporation to joining a non-profit, or exiting from consulting to the C-suite, evolving from athlete to executive, or returning to a former employer.  

Claire Harbour-Lyell will share the wisdom gleaned from their journey, as well as from her own career that spans 17 countries, 4 continents, 8 languages and 5 sectors.  She will also share in detail some cases from the book, and work through a sample case from the audience. 

She will describe and explore what provokes the change, the challenges it creates, how the individual is surviving the transition, and what effective leaders do to navigate and grow from it. 

We will work using a simple, easy-to-use framework to help make the most of any uncharted transition. To thrive, you follow a four-stage process of Exploring, Experimenting, Engaging and Expanding. Claire will also provide recommendations to help organisations better acquire, develop and retain talent. 

The session aims to exploit novel ways to approach careers and present practical advice to help both individuals and organisations better prepare, manage, and make the most of career changes – ultimately leading to more fulfilling careers.

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