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Chinese Martial Arts for the Modern Warrior

May 18, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Chinese Martial Arts for the Modern Warrior with Tom Luo

Thursday, 18 May at 7pm

While everything around us seems to change at lightning speed, we sometimes find ourselves unable to catch up with these changes. The anxiety that many people are experiencing today is strikingly similar to those of fighters facing serious physical threats. 
Chinese Martial Arts, thought by many as a form of exercise today, used to be the most lethal methodology for fighting on this planet. If you have ever wondered about relevance of Chinese Martial Arts and its principles in today’s world, here is your chance to find out, and experience it in person at this unique event.

Join Tom Luo (MBA ’02D), the main author of The Ultimate Chinese Martial Art, as he shares his wisdom and knowledge about martial arts and its applications from business competition to wellness in the modern age. He will cover the history and scientific background of the mysterious inner style martial art — Bagua Palm — which used to be taught in a small circle of the Royal families in China; as well as techniques and a step-by-step demonstration of Bagua Palm, and wellness applications of the Bagua Palm as an inner style Chinese martial art. 
Bringing a unique understanding of Chinese culture together with the cognitive habits of modern society, some of the key topics include:

  • How our bodies can cope with the lightning-fast changes of our environment to achieve longevity and wellness
  • “Anti-Fragile” as a concept and our understanding of “Strength”
  • Real time competitive strategy from Martial arts – What is the real key for winning any fight.

Tom’s bio: 

Tom is a warrior by all measures. 
Trained by his father since he was 6, he has 44 years of martial art experience including real fights inside the ring with professional fighters.
With an MBA from INSEAD, Tom has worked extensively on senior sales leadership positions across Asia, and through his solid training in Physics from one of the best universities in China, he has developed unique insights into the martial art world by combining it with a scientific approach. With this East-meets-West approach, Tom is known as the “Newton of Chinese martial arts” and one of the most ardent promoters of the “Martial Arts Renaissance”.

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