Events / Digital Disruption – The Future of Corporate Training & Learning

Digital Disruption – The Future of Corporate Training & Learning

May 26, 2016
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Workshop: Digital Disruption –  Reimagining The Future of Corporate Training and Learning

Training and learning in the digital age has to contend with the tensions between overwhelming quantity of information, the increasing short shelf-life of some categories of information, and the increasing complexity that interconnectivity generates.


This phenomena has fuelled new demands for “just-in-time” and “just-right” learning.

“24/7 learning” will arguably become one of the most critical organisational competencies as competitive advantage in the digital age is heavily dependent on the “just-in-time” and “just-right” discovery and application of new knowledge.

Yet, corporate education has by and large remained in the post-industrial education paradigm of the traditional classroom with fixed schedules and long lead times, and learning is a neglected competency area in many organisations.

Join us for an experiential workshop and discussion with Roslina Chai, Chief Learning Curator of start-up Gnowbe, an enterprise micro-learning solution for professionals, to explore:

  • Why is this an important question worthy to invest in tackling?
  • What exactly are the implications of digitisation on training and learning?
  • How can organisations re-organise to leverage the digital opportunity?
  • What corporate training and learning paradigms are past their shelf life?
  • What the future of corporate learning and training might look like: Learning-by-doing, when the learner is ready, across dispersed teams, just-in-time.
Roslina Chai’s professional roles include serial entrepreneur, corporate trainer, speaker and change management consultant. She has been innovating on curriculum design and delivery that draws on applied clinical neuroscience research for over a decade for children, youths and adults. At Gnowbe, Roslina leads strategic knowledge partnerships, and content strategy and development. Price includes refreshments.
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