Events / Leverage the subconscious: Neuroscience for consumer decision-making

Leverage the subconscious: Neuroscience for consumer decision-making

May 8, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Leveraging the subconscious: Neuroscience for consumer decision-making

Tuesday 8 May, 7pm at INSEAD

How do people make decisions? What role do emotions play? How can neuroscience help understand consumer decision-making? 
Neuroscience is a hot topic that has the potential to provoke a radical mindset shift in leaders and organisations. We will kick off our neuroscience series with Dr. Satoshi Tsujimoto, a neuroscientist who has done for many years research on monkeys before entering the business world! 
In this first workshop, learn how our brains work and what drives our everyday decisions, including what we watch, talk about and do. Also, understand why our emotional responses cannot be measured through traditional market research. Join Dr. Satoshi Tsujimoto as he reveals the science behind consumer decision making, key neuro and behavioural metrics and their importance in measuring consumers’ sub-conscious reactions. Satoshi’s bio here.

Key topics of the discussion are:
• The Why and How of Consumer Neuroscience 
• Science behind Neuro and key behavioural metrics 
• Demo on data collection, with EEG equipment 
• Application: Optimizing TV copies, package design, shelf designs, key visuals  



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