Events / Professor’s Lecture Series with Prof Antonio Fatas

Professor’s Lecture Series with Prof Antonio Fatas

May 13, 2016
8:00 am - 9:30 am

​A Brave New World: Understanding the World Economy in 2016

The BRICs in crisis, Brexit, US Elections: just some of the external events effecting macroeconomics in 2016. Join Professor ​Antonio Fatas in the next of our Professor’s breakfast series as he discusses some of the most recent developments ​and the implications for potential scenarios as we look towards the future. 
Antonio Fatas​
Chair, Economics and Political Science Area, Professor of Economics,
The Portuguese Council Chaired Professor of European Studies

Since the Global Financial Crisis started in 2008, a surprisingly large set of macroeconomic events have challenged our assumptions about the functioning of the World Economy. Advanced economies have ​weathered​  large crises, governments have come very close to default whilst their interest rates have turned negative for a significant share of all the assets being traded.

Emerging markets have gone from excitement to pessimism about their growth potential. Our fears about scarcity in the oil and commodity markets have turned into concerns about excessive supply and low prices. And financial markets keep trying to guess what is next for the World Economy. Antonio’s CV is here

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