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Professor’s Lecture with Martin Gargiulo

June 27, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Join us as Professor Martin Gargiulo discusses Informal Networks and Career Progression.
Developing the social capital of informal networks
Investments in human capital is essential to succeed in the modern knowledge economy. But the returns people and companies get from these investments depends on the quality of their informal networks, that is, on the quality of their social capital. As business becomes more global and traditional authority more diffuse, firms are paying increasing attention to how their employees develop and nurture the informal networks that help them move information and coordinate complex tasks across organizational boundaries. Yet, informal networks can also become a liability that prevents people and firms from achieving outstanding performance. Understanding how informal networks can help or hinder individual performance and career progression is essential to create the social capital that can help firms unlock the full value of their investments in human capital.

Martin Gargiulo is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD. He earned his PhD in Sociology at Columbia University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Uruguay’s national university. 

Professor Gargiulo has taught MBA and executive audiences in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. His teaching focuses on informal networks, leadership, influence without authority, and on the management of change in organisations. He teaches an advanced PhD seminar on theory and methods of social network analysis. In executive education, he is particularly interested in the development of high-potential executives. He currently directs the High Impact Leadership Programme, and has designed and directed programmes targeted to high-potential managers for leading multinational firms. More here.