Projecting a vision for business in society: André Hoffmann, Roche
INSEAD received its largest historical gift of €40 million from André Hoffmann MBA’90D and his wife Rosalie in the summer of 2018. The gift enabled the establishment of the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society which promises to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the most intractable global issues that threaten our sustainable future. 

USA, 22 November

INSEAD Professor’s New Book On Leading Transformation Shows Executives How To Take Charge Of Their Company’s Future

Nathan Furr, Assistant Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, in his new book, Leading Transformation: How to Take Charge of Your Company’s Future, provides organisations with a radical method for breaking through human behaviour barriers to innovating, adapting, and competing. 

Diamond Online 
Japan, 19 November 2018
In Japanese

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(Print) Why Fair Play Underplays Good Governance in the Digital Age 
Ludo Van der Heyden, Emeritus Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD, says that while digital technology is often billed to boost efficiency and make everyone’s lives easier, the job of governance is actually becoming more difficult. 

The National Business Review
New Zealand, 16 November 


(TV) Singapore Tonight (10m40s)
Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry Mr. Chan Chun Sing delivered the keynote speech at the INSEAD Alumni Forum and Campaign Launch Asia. He outlined three ways where business can be a force for good. Channel NewsAsia
Singapore, 10 November
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Channel 8 NewsChannel 5 News (15m20s), The Straits Times 

(TV) Proposed Brexit deal ‘doesn’t satisfy anyone’: Professor

Antonio Fatas, Professor of Economics at INSEAD, says “everyone is going to be unhappy” with Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit proposal, but it will probably be approved out of fear of the alternatives. CNBC Asia
Singapore, 14 November 2018

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She wants to tip the balance
Professor Zoe Kinias, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and Academic Director of INSEAD Gender Initiative, discusses INSEAD’s Gender Initiative which is built on the school’s core organisational value of diversity and decades of gender diversity efforts. The Gender Initiative integrates research, business, and pedagogy to engage the full potential of women around the world.The Standard 
Hong Kong, 13 November

(TV) Ep 2: Taking The Right Turn? (19m25s) 
Jason Davis, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD, analyses the interesting economics of ride-hailing apps/firms and why these companies have so much power and what stance authorities should take towards regulating this industry.  Channel NewsAsia 
Singapore, 12 November 

If Your Innovation Effort Isn’t Working, Look at Who’s on the Team

In INSEAD Assistant Professor of Strategy Nathan Furr’s new book, Leading Transformation: How to Take Charge of Your Company’s Future, he and his co-authors highlight certain capabilities to search for and cultivate while building a transformative team. Specifically, there are three unique characteristics that will play critical roles as a team takes on a breakthrough initiative.  Harvard Business Review
USA, 9 November 

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The pop-up fatigue
Reprinted from INSEAD Knowledge
INSEAD Emeritus Professor of Marketing Hubert Gatignon tells us that pop-ups are ideal for brands that want to cause a stir. But as the trend grows more and more widespread, that sense of conversation-starting novelty becomes harder to achieve.Trends Middle East
UAE, 6 November



Why modest goals are so appealing
Amitava Chattopadhyay, Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, finds in his research that people feel it’s easier to achieve a small incremental goal than to maintain the status quo, when both goals are assessed in isolation. This is especially true if the context is seen as unfavourable.  MedicalXpress
UK, 8 November 
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How Nokia bounced back
Quy Huy, Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, highlights how Nokia’s board had assumed a unique role to help the former mobile giant find a radically new strategic direction.  Forbes India 
India, 6 November 
Reprinted from INSEAD Knowledge

(Podcast) What Will Bolsonaro’s Election Mean for Brazil? 
Felipe Monteiro, INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Strategy, discusses what changes Brazil is likely to see under its new president elect, Jair Bolsonaro.  Knowledge @ Wharton
USA, 5 November 

(Print) Exiting the dragon: examining options for returning capital 
Claudia Zeisberger, Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise and Academic Director of INSEAD Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI), and Ian Potter, Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD GPEI, discuss that Beijing wants more companies to use domestic markets to realise value, but is the plan working? South China Morning Post
Hong Kong, 3 November (For the full clipping, please email us.)

Business Does Not Need the Humanities — But Humans Do
Gianpiero Petriglieri, Associate Professor of Organisational Behavior at INSEAD, writes that once humanities stop having to be useful, they become truly meaningful. Only that will allow “team human” to catch up with “team machine”. But neither, ultimately, must get too far ahead or we will lose a struggle that keeps us human and makes societies prosper.   Harvard Business Review
USA, 2 November 

INSEAD Professor of Entrepreneurship Philip Anderson visited the China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong, to give a lecture on “Organisational Change Management in the Digital Age”.  WeChat
China, 2 November
In Chinese

Home Made raises further £2M for its premium online lettings agency 
Home Made, a London premium online lettings agency co-founded in 2016 by Asaf Navot, MBA’09D, has raised a further £2 million in funding.  Tech Crunch
USA, 7 November



INSEAD Executive Education courses starting soon


Being a successful leader means considering new ways of thinking, exercising sound judgement and making strategic decisions that potentially affect the entire organisation.

INSEAD’s Advanced Management Programme helps leaders build exceptional levels of strategic, high-performance and self-aware leadership skills. It also focuses on both their organisational and personal impact as a leader. 

Over 4 intense weeks the programme creates a unique learning community of participants and faculty to explore leadership mindsets, judgement, authenticity and leverage. It is intensive, personal and transforming. 

It is your time to reflect on your performance as a leader and gain confidence on the long-term by making life lasting connections with very diverse senior executives on the programme.


INSEAD’s best-selling case authors demonstrate deeper learning about business success
Five professors from INSEAD have been named in The Case Centre’s top 40 best-selling authors. They are, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, Professors of Strategy at INSEAD; Pierre Chandon, The L’Oréal Chaired Professor of Marketing–Innovation and Creativity at INSEAD; Wolfgang Ulaga, Senior Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD; and David Dubois, Associate Professor of Marketing & Cornelius Grupp Fellow in Digital Analytics for Consumer Behaviour.

How to Say No To Crowdsourced Ideas 
Henning Piezunka, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD, in his latest research indicates that managers may use explicit rejections to foster contributors’ willingness to engage. More findings are available at his forthcoming paper in Academy of Management Journal, ‘Idea Rejected, Tie Formed: Organisations’ Feedback on Crowdsourced Ideas’. Harvard Business Review USA, November-December issue  

How to Capitalise on Your Team’s Diversity
Sujin Jang, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, finds in her research that teams are much more creative when they have one or more members who acted as ‘cultural brokers’. Scientific American 
USA, 23 October 

New case study & reflections on Kiva’s impact journey
Jasjit Singh, Professor of Strategy at INSEAD and The Paul Dubrule Chaired Professor of Sustainable Development, has a new case study titled “Kiva’s Impact Strategy”. The  case documents Kiva’s impact journey since its creation, and highlights ongoing initiatives to continue to strengthen Kiva’s impact.  Medium
USA, 18 October

MBA Professors To Look Out For—2018
The article features the hottest new professors on MBA campuses around the world who should be on everyone’s radar. One professor featured is Elizabeth Baily Wolf, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. Professor Mark Mortensen, Chair of the Organisational Behaviour area at INSEAD, shares his recommendations.  Business Because
UK, 15 October

Expect a ‘compromise’ between Italy and the EU: Professor
Antonio Fatas, Professor of Economics at INSEAD, shares his thoughts and analysis on Italy’s submission of its draft budget to the European Union. He says that the EU is unlikely to have any “appetite for yet another conflict” with Italy. 
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MSN NewsYahoo! Finance   CNBC Asia
Singapore, 14 October

Roleplay Volunteers needed in Singapore & Fonty

Roleplay Volunteers needed in Singapore and Fonty
3,4 & 6 December or 7-9 December 2018

It is that time of year again when a new promotion must now experience the Capstone Course, the grand finale of the INSEAD MBA program where students will get to apply what they have learned through the year by living the life of an international Executive Team through an intense 3-day learning journey! To that end, we are appealing to you to come back to Singapore or Fontainebleau to join us in-person or via Skype as various important stakeholders who have tough questions to ask the young international management teams.

You may have participated in the past, for which we are grateful, and we’d love to invite you back! You weren’t able to participate last time, so we hope we can include you this time around!

If we never heard from you before, here is this interesting chance to engage the 18Ds and we’d like to invite you to participate! Sign up here!

The locations and dates are as follows:

Singapore Campus: 3,4 & 6 December 2018 & 7-9 December 2018

Fontainebleau Campus: 7-9 December 2018

“Business as a Force for Good” Award Launched in Singapore

In the years following World War II, Georges Doriot came up with the idea that the world needed a new kind of educational institution—one that united people, embraced diversity, and leveraged business to rebuild nations and promote peace. He envisioned an institution that could make a meaningful contribution to society.

That institution, of course, was INSEAD. And in the decades since its founding in 1957, our school has never wavered from that vision. Our belief in using business as a force for good has come to define who we are, what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves in the world.

The INSEAD National Alumni Association Singapore and the INSEAD Alumni Fund are proud to launch Singapore’s “Business as a Force for Good” Award.

What is the Award about?

The award will recognise businesses in Singapore who have demonstrated thought-leadership with respect to “Business as a Force for Good”, have a vision, mission statement and strategy clearly demonstrating their commitment, have developed corporate social responsibility best practices and have achieved remarkable economical results and meaningful societal impact.

The award will be presented during the INSEAD NAA Singapore AGM 2019, which will be hosted on 14 March 2019 in Singapore, in presence of Mr. Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD.

Top nominees and the award winner will gain visibility through various PR activities and social media articles sharing details about the award and their company’s accomplishments.

What is the selection criteria?

A jury made of business leaders from various industries will identify the award winner. Selections will be based on the positive impact the organisation has had on society through its corporate social responsibility program or its core business activities.

How can you participate?

Please simply send us the name of either your company or a company that you know well, deserving to be nominated. We will need the name of a representative (yourself or another contact person who is an INSEAD alumnus) whom the selection committee will contact for further details.  Nominations must be received no later than 30 November 2018.

The “Business as a Force for Good” Award is a wonderful opportunity to recognise best practices, to give visibility to deserving companies and to promote INSEAD’s mission. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Contact us to find out more.

Executive Education Courses coming up!


The Challenge of Leadership aims to improve senior leaders’ understanding of how the emotional, often unconscious side of decision-making affects the way their organisation functions. You will learn how to become a more confident and effective leader and build accountable, high-performance teams. Sign up 

Upcoming Session
Module 1: 14 – 18 January 2019 Fontainebleau, France 



AVIRA is a peer-led forum for senior leaders to explore and discuss the characteristics of effective top executives and high-performance organisations. As well as widening your international network of senior peers, you will draw fresh insights into your own organisation’s performance and depart with a personal action plan for effective leadership. Sign up

Upcoming Sessions
2 – 6 May 2019 Fontainebleau, France
5 – 9 September 2019 Singapore


Leadership is a lifelong process of continuous improvement. To improve, senior executives require the time and the space to pause and reflect on what they know. LEAP has been designed to help bridge the knowing-doing gap by identifying and internalising the new behavioural knowledge and responses you need to improve the way you lead. Sign up

Upcoming Session 
Module 1: 17 – 27 June 2019 Singapore



The Advanced Management Programme is a comprehensive general management programme designed to help C-Suite leaders build exceptional levels of strategic, high-performance and self-aware leadership skills. It also focuses on both your organisational and personal impact as a leader.

Sign up

Upcoming Sessions
4 – 29 March 2019 Singapore
1 – 26 July 2019 Fontainebleau, France



Singapore keeps status as leader in Asian business education 
By 2000, INSEAD, the elite business school ranked second in the FT’s global MBA rankings, had set up a campus in Singapore — the first by an international business school in Asia. Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD, points to multiculturalism as well as the city state’s strong investment in the “knowledge economy” as key reasons for INSEAD picking Singapore as its Asian home. Financial Times Singapore, 27 September

Addtional coverage: 
China business schools are evolving rapidly

Newest INSEAD institute opens with immediate impact
Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society partners with ChangeNOW International Summit for Change and hosts Force for Good Conference. INSEAD Press Release
Global, 24 September 

(TV) UK could need a ‘Greece’ moment to wake up to the realities of Brexit
Antonio Fatas, Professor of Economics at INSEAD, says it may take a traumatic “Greece” moment for the U.K. to wake up to the realisation that it can’t have an “a la carte” Brexit deal. CNBC Asia
Singapore, 25 September 

The Rise of the Red Unicorn
Translated from INSEAD Knowledge
According to Claudia Zeisberger, INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences and Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise at INSEAD, and Ian Potter, Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD Global Private Equity Initiative, China is on track to absorb more venture capital than the U.S. this year. WeChat
China, 21 September
In Chinese